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Causes and remedial measures of false Brinell indentation of rolling bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-11
Regarding the phenomenon of false Brinell indentation of rolling bearings: there are indentations distributed at the distance between the rolling elements on the surface of the raceway, Figure 56 and 57. It is not caused by incorrect installation (see rolling element pits in section The indentation surface is often brown (corrosion), which is particularly rough for ball bearings (the machined surface is damaged). Scratches in the axial direction of the ball bearing can be found. When the bearing rotates occasionally, several false Brinell indentations will appear. The reason is that the vibration of a stationary machine can cause small movements of the parts in the rolling contact area. Remedial measures: Eliminate or absorb vibrations. Avoid sensitive machines from standing still for a long time and keep them running; use safe equipment to unload or preload the bearings during transportation. Use suitable lubricants (additives). Choose a larger radial clearance for the rotating load. 36 Evaluation of the running characteristics and damage of the removed bearings. Rolling contact mode 56: The inner ring of the cylindrical roller bearing has false Brinell indentations distributed at the distance between the rolling elements.
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