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Cleverly take the damaged bearing of the offset printing machine

by:JNSN     2021-12-12
When replacing the damaged needle roller bearing in the small support shaft (66.030.059) on the operating side of the water bucket roller, I encountered a thorny problem-how to remove the damaged bearing?   The maintenance personnel used an electric drill to drill off the outer edge of the bearing, leaving only a thin sleeve in the hole, but it was very difficult to remove it by hand. Later, the small shaft was clamped on a lathe and the needle roller bearing stamped parts were turned with a turning tool before the bearing was taken out. If the bearing is damaged again, a simple method is to first drill a through hole along the center line of the small shaft with a drill with a diameter of 5mm, and then mill the hole with the bearing to a depth of about 1.5mm on the milling machine, and fill in the hole. Insert the bearing after the thick shim. Once the bearing is damaged again, you can remove the small shaft, hit the gasket in the 5mm diameter hole, the bearing will come out of the hole, the effect is very good.
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