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Common quality problems and main reasons of CNC lathe bearings

by:JNSN     2021-11-03
When assembling CNC machine tool bearings, the machine tool must be preloaded, so that the original clearance will be eliminated after the bearing is installed. That is to say, the contact angle and accuracy of the CNC lathe bearing play a very important role. Therefore, when installing the bearing, it is necessary to ensure that the contact angle is qualified, but also that the actual width of the angular contact ball bearing meets the requirements. It is common for bearings to fail during operation, so there is no need to make a fuss. In the event of a failure, judgment and handling are the key.

Let’s analyze the common quality problems and causes of CNC lathe bearings.

1. Improper installation 1. Using brute force during installation, directly hitting the bearing with a hammer will cause the greatest damage to the bearing; it is the main cause of deformation. This is very common in some small machine tool factories. Jinxing machine tool uses professional bearing installation tools when installing bearings, thus avoiding this. 2. The installation is not in place, the installation is deviation or the bearing is not installed, resulting in too small bearing clearance. The inner and outer rings are not at the same center of rotation, resulting in different concentricity. Suggestion: Choose appropriate or professional bearing installation tools, and use special instruments to test after installation. 2. Poor lubrication According to investigations, poor lubrication is one of the main causes of premature bearing damage. The main reasons include: failure to fill lubricant or lubricating oil in time; failure to fill lubricant or lubricating oil in place; improper selection of lubricant or lubricating oil; incorrect lubrication method, etc. Recommendation: Choose the correct lubricant or lubricating oil, and use the correct lubrication filling method. 3. Pollution Pollution can also cause premature damage to the bearing. Pollution means that sand, dust, metal chips, etc. enter the inside of the bearing. The main reasons include: opening the bearing packaging too early before use, causing pollution; the working environment is not clean during installation, causing pollution; the working environment of the bearing is not clean, and the working medium is polluted. All the spindle assembly of Jinxing Machine Tool is completed in a constant temperature clean room, thus avoiding bearing contamination. Suggestion: It is best not to unpack the bearing before use; keep the installation environment clean during installation and clean the bearing to be used; strengthen the sealing device of the bearing. 4. Fatigue Fatigue damage is a common damage method for bearings. Common causes of fatigue damage may be: long-term overload operation of the bearing; failure to repair in time; improper maintenance; equipment aging. 5. The quality of the bearing The quality of the bearing itself is directly related to the service life. Our factory uses imported bearings or domestic first-line brands to avoid this problem.
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