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Common sense of automobile bearing installation, use and maintenance

by:JNSN     2021-12-21
Summary of common sense on installation, use and maintenance of automobile bearings: The connection between FANUCCNC system and machine tools and the selection of electrode wire in adjustment of wire-cutting processing. The application scope and market analysis of frequency converters in China and its market analysis. Commissioning Manual--Alert PowerMILL7.0 New Functions and Features 9 CNC Lathe Machining Programming Source Program for Threaded Parts 9 Tool Compensation in CNC Machining Botek Deep Hole Machining Tool System Suitable for CNC Milling Parts Types Which This Part Is Suitable For CNC Milling Machine Plus KV800 The application of frequency converters on large circular knitting machines has brought powerful advantages to the processing workshops. 5-axis linkage machine tools are commonly used in the machine tool industry. Bearing burning caused by and preventive measures 240 Vibration machine operating procedures New progress in world manufacturing informatization maintenance common sense Use the installation of auto bearing assembly tools Whether to disassemble ordinary mechanical bearings of the automobile An important difference, the mobile environment of automobile bearings, the use of stress conditions, the working conditions are more complicated. It is very important to install and use lubrication and maintenance to achieve the basic functions of a very precise mechanical part. The bearing is installed and disassembled cleanly. The kerosene gasoline bearing is matched with the related parts. The relevant parts are cleaned and checked for use.    An important difference between automobiles and ordinary mechanical bearings is the automobile The bearing is used in a mobile environment, so its stress and working conditions are more complicated. At the same time, the car is a very precise mechanical part. The correct installation and use, lubrication and maintenance are crucial to the realization of the basic functions of the car. important. For the installation and disassembly of the bearing, clean the bearing and its matching parts with clean kerosene or gasoline; check whether the bearing to be used is consistent with the original model and whether the size of the matching part is qualified;     use a special assembly tool sleeve Press the bearing in. The diameter of the tool sleeve should not exceed the outer diameter of the bearing rib. The force must be even during assembly, and no impact or rough assembly; After the bearing is installed, the bearing and related parts should be rotated to check whether there is jamming or abnormality Noise;     inject the specified grease or lubricating oil according to the requirements of the host components;      when assembling large bearings and products with a large surplus between the bearing and the shaft and the seat hole, the bearing must be heated in an oil bath, and the oil temperature is about 80 degrees Celsius  When disassembling the bearing, it is necessary to use special drawing tools, and it is strictly forbidden to directly hit the bearing with iron;   When assembling and disassembling the bearing, avoid stress or deformation of the rolling elements and cage.
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