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Connecting bearing between rail transit car body and bogie

by:JNSN     2021-12-19
The connection bearing between the car body and the bogie The connection between the modern subway and tram car body and the bogie usually adopts four-point contact slewing bearing or maintenance-free joint bearing type. Due to the application under extreme conditions of severe pollution and strong vibration, there are many requirements for these bearings. Long operating life if required. It is very difficult to get close to the installation location of these bearings and perform maintenance. This requires reliable bearings and long maintenance periods. Through modern design tools, such as finite element analysis, the above requirements can be achieved. Slewing support bearing Slewing support bearing has been successfully applied and verified under severe working conditions. It has the following advantages: Good seal can effectively prevent steam from invading Corrotect® anti-corrosion protection raceway system Pre-loaded with special grease and long maintenance cycle . Many special designs, such as bearings with additional protective covers or integrated rolling damping, these products have many years of successful application experience. Maintenance-free joint bearings There are two maintenance-free joint bearings: ELGES angular contact joint bearings and ELGES thrust joint bearings. Due to the vertical arrangement, these bearings can bear the weight of the car body and transmit the acceleration force from the bogie. If there is a tilting moment, two bearing O-shaped arrangements or a maintenance-free bushing can be used to achieve the radial support function. Maintenance-free cylindrical sliding bushing The maintenance-free bushing with ELGOGLIDE® sliding layer is hardly affected by vibration, with high load-bearing capacity and long life. The connecting bearing between the car bodies is connected in many modern railway vehicles under the slewing connection. The two carriages are connected with a passage to facilitate passengers to pass through the front and rear carriages. Ball slewing bearing or ELGES maintenance-free joint bearing/rod end bearing with ELGOGLIDE® sliding layer can be used in this situation. It connects the front and rear carriages to support the weight and acceleration of the car body and pass the train. Realize the relative rotation between cars when cornering. Maintenance-free joint bearings or joint bearing units. These bearings can also be adapted to roll and roll motions when passing through bends or joints. Angular contact or thrust joint bearings are generally used for main bearings or anti-lift devices. In order to reduce the installation workload, it is preferred to choose the integral joint bearing unit or asymmetric joint bearing installed with bolts. Especially asymmetric radial joint bearings, under extreme loads (for example, according to the VDV152 or EN12663 standard, the shock load of the shock absorber reaches 1500 kN) still has a very high load capacity, and is small in size, low in friction, and long in life. The upper slewing connection, especially the lower slewing connection, uses joint bearings, and the upper slewing connection is required when the car body is allowed to rotate relative to each other. They are often designed as connecting rods with ELGES maintenance-free joint bearings. In some applications, a shock-absorbing design is used to limit the relative rotation within a specified range. The maintenance-free rod end bearing consists of a shank bearing seat and a joint bearing. They can withstand a certain amount of tension or pressure. In some applications, maintenance-free bearings are designed with ELGOGLIDE® sliding layers and corrosion-resistant zinc-based coatings.
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