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Coordination adjustment method is the best way to install high-speed bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-10

Usually when we install high-speed bearings, we will adopt the matching adjustment method to avoid errors. In order to ensure that the raceway deformation after the bearing is installed is small, the interference of the interference fit cannot be too large, and the centrifugal force at high speed And the thermal expansion at high temperature, or offset the normal pressure of the mating surface. Or to loosen the mating surface, so the interference must be calculated carefully under the premise of considering the above two factors. The effective interference at room temperature and normal speed may be invalid for high-speed bearings. If the calculation result is too contradictory Large (usually this happens only at super high speeds).

Only the dual lubrication measures combined with the under-ring lubrication method and the hydrostatic lubrication method are adopted, and this scheme may make the value of the bearing exceed the 3 million mark. When considering the clearance of high-speed bearings, not only the above factors must be considered, but also the influence of the thermal elongation of the shaft on the clearance. The bearing is required to have the best clearance under the working condition, that is, at the working temperature. This kind of clearance is formed under the state of precise alignment of the ball groove centers of the inner and outer rings.

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