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Equivalent dynamic load of angular contact ball bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-15
When using angular contact ball bearings, the support point of the bearing is shown in Figure 2.1. It must be at the intersection (point of action) between the extension line of the contact line inside the bearing and the shaft center. Therefore, the angular contact ball bearing records the position of the point of action of the a value on the dimension table. Especially when there seems to be a moment load acting on the bearing, this point must be taken into consideration. When a radial load acts on the angular contact ball bearing, a component force in the axial direction will occur. This axial component force is obtained by formula 2.4. (Formula 2.4) Fa': Axial component force (N) Fr: Radial load (N) Y: Axial load factor Affected by this component force, the axial load acting on the bearing and the radial equivalent dynamic load such as Table 2.2 shows. FrI, FrII: Load applied to bearing I, II (N) YI, YII: Axial load factor of bearing I, II PrI, PrII: Radial equivalent dynamic load of bearing I, II ● Table 2.2 Use of angular contact ball Axial load and equivalent dynamic load when bearing ● Figure 2.1 Axial component force Fa of angular contact ball bearing: Axial load from outside (N) XI, XII: Radial load factor of bearing I, II Formula 2.1 and In 2.2, the bearing load P refers to a pure radial load (pure axial load) with no change in direction and magnitude. However, under actual conditions of use, there are many cases where radial load and axial load occur at the same time. In this case, it is necessary to convert to equivalent dynamic load to calculate the life. The equivalent dynamic load can be calculated according to formula 2.3 (Formula 2.3) Pr: Radial equivalent dynamic load (N) Pa: Axial equivalent dynamic load (N) Fr: Radial load (N) Fa: Axial load (N) X: Radial load factor (Table 2.1) Y: Axial Load factor (Table 2.1) Note 1) i When the DB/DF type is assembled, it is 2 when the single row/DT type is assembled. Note 2) When the single row/DT type is assembled, Fa/Fru0026#1049277;e When Pru003dFr Note 3) When the contact angle is 15°, the values u200bu200bof X, Y, and e of iFa/Cor, which are not on the table, are obtained by linear interpolation. Note 4) In the case of high rotation speed (dmn value> 800,000), it is also necessary to consider the centrifugal force acting on the rolling elements in addition to the external load. In this case, please follow up for consultation.
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