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Evaluate the running characteristics and damage of the removed failed bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-17
Rolling bearing failure can not only reveal the failure of a single bearing model, but also show whether the bearing arrangement is reasonable. It should be remembered: the earlier the problematic bearing is removed, the sooner the cause of the bearing failure can be discovered. The prerequisite to ensure the smooth operation of the bearing configuration is: the correct configuration of all components (bearings, mating parts, lubricants, seals) in the operation, environmental conditions and configuration. The cause of bearing failure does not always exist alone in the bearing itself. There are very few bearing failures due to bearing materials and production errors. Before detecting the cause of bearing failure by inspecting each bearing component, the possible causes of failure should be studied according to the method in Chapter 2. Bearing operating conditions or external characteristics can often provide clues to bearing failure. The table in Figure 12 shows the main failure characteristics of rolling bearings and the typical causes of failure. This summary cannot include all failures but provides a rough outline. It should be reminded that some failure modes are only or almost only found in certain types of bearings or found in some special application conditions. In many cases, a bearing will exhibit several failure characteristics at the same time. Therefore, it is often difficult to determine the initial cause of failure, and it is necessary to systematically assume various failure causes. The following system process is recommended for this case. 11: Reasons for failure of rolling bearings (Source: antriebstechnik 18 (1979) No. 3, 71-74). Only about 0.35% of rolling bearings did not reach the expected life.
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