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Gauge adjusting device bearing of railway traveling transmission device

by:JNSN     2021-12-14
The advantage of the bearing sliding sleeve model of the gauge adjustment device: There is no need to remove the bearing load during the track change process. It is suitable for both trucks and buses. The various gauges in Europe and Asia always cause delays in transit of passenger cars and trucks. The above problems can be solved by using an automatic gauge adjustment device. This gauge adjustment device is installed on the border station, and it can quickly adjust the wheel position of the vehicle (equipped with adjustable wheel sets). Maintenance-free cylindrical sliding bushings The sliding bearings provided by Schaeffler Group Industry are used in gauge adjustment devices to help extend maintenance intervals. The online service life is as long as 500 000 km. Schaeffler ELGES brand sliding sleeve with ELGOGLIDE® coating can successfully realize the axial adjustment of the wheel on the wheelset. This sliding sleeve has low friction characteristics and consists of a steel support sleeve body and an ELGOGLIDE® sliding fiber layer that is tightly attached to its surface by a moisture-proof adhesive. The sliding sleeve does not require lubricants, has a high radial load capacity and good vibration damping performance. They have been successfully applied to vehicles with an axle load of 18 t to 22.5 t, and their application on vehicles with an axle load of 25 t is currently under development. Needle roller bearings for supporting rollers are used in the TALGO gauge adjustment device, and the wheel set must be unloaded during the gauge adjustment process. At this time, the weight of all vehicles is borne by the supporting rollers. What is used here is a special support type roller with needle roller and cage assembly installed. This bearing configuration is very suitable for the presence of shock loads and high acceleration. The radial needle roller and cage assembly are used to withstand high radial loads and support the weight of the vehicle when the gauge is adjusted. The axial force acting on the outer ring of the supporting roller is borne by the thrust needle roller bearing and the shaft seat positioning washer.
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