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Gearbox bearings for rail vehicle drive systems

by:JNSN     2021-12-15
Modern rail vehicles have high comfort, low noise, economy and good traction performance. The rolling bearings used in gearboxes, traction motors and axle suspension boxes provided by the Industrial Division of the Schaeffler Group have made important contributions to this. Whether it is a locomotive, EMU, EMU or regional train, special bearing solutions can always be designed for the drive system according to the application requirements. The main function of the rolling bearing in the gearbox is to fix the shaft and bear the gear meshing force. Therefore, bearings must withstand extreme loads in complex environments. Gearbox bearings mainly include tapered roller bearings, four-point contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Followed by deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings. The main requirements for gearbox bearings are: high speed, high load capacity, vibration and shock resistance, high temperature resistance, high guiding accuracy, compact structure. Based on the above characteristics, the selection of bearings must be negotiated with the gearbox manufacturer. The characteristics of gearbox bearings: Internal enhanced design Special cage design Adjusted tolerance and internal clearance The outer ring has a stop groove to effectively prevent the outer ring from rotating together. Examples of bearings for drive system gearbox bearings. Rolling bearings can be used in all general railway gearboxes. For example, there are four typical bearing arrangements that have been proven effective when applied to pinion shafts. Example 1: Tapered roller bearings (O-shaped arrangement) and cylindrical roller bearings. Example 2: Two cylindrical roller bearings and a double row angular contact ball bearing. Example 3: Two cylindrical roller bearings and a four-point contact ball bearing. Example 4: Two tapered roller bearings. Gearbox pinion bearing example 3 (upper), example 4 (lower).
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