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General selection steps of rolling bearing with seat

by:JNSN     2021-12-24
There are many types and specifications of seated rolling bearings. Therefore, to choose the most suitable bearing for mechanical design purposes, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study from the aspects of mechanical structure, operating conditions, performance requirements of the bearing, the specifications of the peripheral components of the component, marketability, and economic efficiency. Whether the selection is correct or not will make a big difference to the life of the bearing. The general selection steps of rolling bearing with seat are shown in Table 3.1. General steps for the selection of rolling bearings with a seat: Selection steps Research project consideration of the use conditions related materials 1 Selection of form, vertical seat, flange type, slider seat, ring seat, bracket seat Mechanical structure, installation space, installation related dimensions 2 Selection of shaft diameter and diameter series · Bearing inner diameter 8~140 mm · Diameter series 0, 2, X, 3 Required life of bearings, load acting on the bearing, rotation speed, etc. 4 Bearing life (P26) 5 Bearing load (P29) 6 Permissible speed (P36) 3 Countermeasures to the environment·Triple seals·With dust cover·Purification series·Stainless steel series·Ceramic series·High-speed use·Blower seat bearing environment (dust, muddy water, moisture, Chemicals, etc.), rotation speed, etc. 2 types (P8) (P21) 6 Allowable rotation speed (P36) 4 Measures for temperature, heat resistance, cold resistance, ceramic series, response to shaft expansion, grease replenishment Temperature 2 Type (P8) (P21) 7 Operating temperature and bearing specifications (P37) 9 Shaft and base design (P43) 14 Use (P59) 5 Selection of fixing method to shaft · With set screw · With fastener ·With eccentric fixed ring rotation speed, load conditions, usability, etc. 2 types (P8) 14 use (P59) 6-axis selection · dimensional tolerance · stepped shaft adoption · shaft stop screw seat processing · shaft alignment 2 Types (P8) 7 Allowable speed (P36) 9 Shaft and base design (P43) 14 Use (P59) 7 Study of bearing box strength Load condition, load direction, impact 8 Research on grease replenishment, lubrication type, non-lubrication type, centralized lubrication type, grease replenishment interval environment, machine importance, bearing temperature, grease life, etc. 9 maintenance and inspection research The importance of the environment, machinery, bearing temperature, grease life, etc., cast iron, cast steel, steel plate, periodic inspection, grease replenishment 2 Type (P8) 8 Bearing housing strength (P38) 14 Use (P59 )
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