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In the future, bearing companies will further increase material research and development to meet the needs of production and operation

by:JNSN     2021-11-03
Bearing is a pivotal component in contemporary machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support a rotating shaft or other moving bodies, guide rotation or movement, and bear the load transmitted by the shaft or parts on the shaft. Its performance, accuracy and reliability play a decisive role in the normal operation of the main body.

The application of bearing products is very extensive. According to the matching types of the main engine, it can be divided into automotive bearings, electrical bearings, machine tool bearings, home appliance bearings, railway bearings, metallurgical mining machinery bearings, engineering machinery bearings, petrochemical machinery bearings, wind power bearings, agricultural machinery bearings, and so on. Among them, the automobile industry is currently the largest application market for domestic bearing products, accounting for about 30% according to the number of demand; the demand for other such as home appliance bearings, electrical bearings and machine tool bearings is also growing steadily.

Sales revenue of China's bearing industry

According to the statistics of the 'Bearing Manufacturing Industry Production and Sales Demand Forecast and Transformation and Upgrading Analysis Report' released by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, the main business revenue of my country's bearing industry from January to October 2015 was 225.549 billion yuan. In 2014, the main business revenue was 274.1 billion yuan, an increase of 222.5 billion yuan from the 51.6 billion yuan in 2005, with a compound growth rate of 18%. It is expected that the growth rate of bearings will slow down in the future, but because bearings are essential parts in various machinery, the growth rate will not be lower than the GDP growth rate.

Market competition in the bearing industry

More than 70% of the world's bearing market is shared by the top ten multinational bearing group companies. Among them, the United States, which accounts for 23% of the global market, 21% of the European Union, and 19% of Japan, are basically dominated by Japan’s NSK and other five companies, Sweden’s SKF company, Germany’s FAG and other two companies, and the United States’ Timken and other two companies. At the same time, the high-end market of the world's bearing industry is monopolized by the above-mentioned companies, while the middle and low-end markets are mainly concentrated in China. At present, the concentration of my country's bearing industry is not high. Although the degree of automation, product stability and accuracy have been greatly improved, there is still a certain gap compared with some well-known overseas companies. In the research and development of certain core technologies It's even blank. .

The proportion of the global major bearing market scale

In the Chinese bearing industry, bearings for automobiles and motorcycles are the largest users in the industry. At present, China has basically achieved localization in the field of heavy truck wheel bearings, but only a few companies such as Wanxiang Qianchao have achieved breakthroughs in the field of medium and high-end car wheel bearings, and import substitution has just begun.

The development of the ABS system is a typical example of the development of automotive-related products. Miniature bearings will derive many new application products with the increasing requirements for safety and environmental protection in the future. The imported bearing market aims at hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles to try to create new types of car-related products. In this kind of development, the field of miniature bearings will continue to expand, and its precision will continue to improve. With the continuous development of China's automobile industry, there is huge room for domestic enterprises to develop.

Domestic manufacturers’ Ru0026D and innovation capabilities need to be improved

As most of my country’s bearing companies lag behind international leading companies in terms of Ru0026D capital investment, innovation system construction and operation, and personnel training, bearing accuracy, life span, noise, etc. The key factors have not yet fully met the requirements of high-end machinery. Therefore, in aerospace, high-speed railway passenger cars, high-end cars, computers, air conditioners, high-pressure load-bearing machinery, high-speed machine tools and other equipment, many bearings need to rely heavily on imports. With the technological investment and equipment improvement of bearing enterprises, the independent innovation ability of bearings will be greatly strengthened, and innovative products are expected to replace imported products and replace traditional products.

Improving product technology content, work efficiency, reliability and accuracy is the general trend

Improving the research and development, design and manufacturing capabilities of sliding bearing manufacturers is to achieve high technology content, high reliability, high efficiency, and high The only way to accuracy. With the support of national policies and with the rapid development of my country's equipment manufacturing industry, it is expected that in the future, enterprises in the sliding bearing industry will focus on improving the accuracy, performance, life and reliability of bearing products. my country's sliding bearing manufacturers continuously improve the level of Ru0026D and design and manufacturing by increasing Ru0026D efforts and introducing advanced foreign manufacturing equipment, which is in line with the inevitable trend of future industry development.

The research and development capabilities of lubricating materials play an important role in the design and production of sliding bearings.

The surface materials and lubrication properties of sliding bearings determine various properties such as wear resistance and compression resistance. In order to meet customer needs, different types of sliding bearings have different requirements for surface materials. Therefore, the research and development capabilities of sliding materials of sliding bearing companies determine the speed of business expansion to a large extent. In the future, sliding bearing enterprises will further increase the research and development of sliding materials to meet the needs of production and operation.

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