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INSOCOAT insulated bearings: electrical corrosion resistance

by:JNSN     2021-12-19
The INSOCOAT insulated bearings provided by the company can withstand electrical corrosion in various environments (including high humidity environments). The seal protection coating on the outer ring or inner ring integrates the insulation characteristics into the bearing, which can eliminate the problem of premature bearing failure caused by stray current in various applications. Applications include: Industrial motors, traction motors, generators, and high-quality coating INSOCOAT bearings A sophisticated plasma spraying process is used to spray a high-quality alumina insulating coating, which has the following advantages: It can withstand the common media used in various bearing applications and can provide protection in a wide range of operating temperature. The minimum resistance is 200 M (Table 1) The test withstand voltage is 3,000 V DC (if you need a higher voltage coating, we can supply it on demand). Protective sealant plasma sprayed coatings are usually hygroscopic, so condensed water easily penetrates into the coating. INSOCOAT bearings use a unique sealant to prevent this phenomenon from happening. Engineering support can provide you with the relevant electrical parameter values u200bu200bof the bearing, and you can choose the best insulation solution that meets your needs. Global service The most commonly used sizes and variants of INSOCOAT bearings (single row deep groove ball bearings and single row cylindrical roller bearings) are in stock. We can also provide customized bearings and product series on request. Performance data, dimensions and rotation accuracy are the same as those of non-insulated bearings (Table 2). Table INSOCOAT bearing specifications, T ≤ 4C, rH ≤ 60% bearing model suffix breakdown voltage minimum resistance [V] DC [M] outer ring coating inner ring coating standard coating VL0241 VL2071 3 000 200 advanced coating VL0246 VL2076 3 000 400 Table 2INSOCOAT Bearing Data Standard Dimensions of Deep Groove Ball Bearings and Cylindrical Roller Bearings Dimensions: ISO 15 tolerance standard or higher accuracy (according to customer requirements). Value: ISO 492 (for other information, please refer to the product catalog). The alumina coating on the outer surface of the outer ring or inner ring will not affect the accuracy. The standard internal clearance is C3. Check if other internal clearances are available. These values u200bu200bapply to new bearings without a measured load before installation: ISO 5753-1, see product catalog. Permissible misalignment is the same as comparable standard bearings.
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