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Inspection process and maintenance procedures after bearing installation

by:JNSN     2021-10-27

1. Bearing installation and disassembly must be cautious. Imported bearings of different types and sizes have different installation methods and tools, including mechanical or hydraulic ones. Here is mainly to explain some general basic installation methods and precautions. First, do not install hard on the ball, which will cause local overload of the ball and contact surface, leading to premature failure of the FAG bearing. Second, do not use hard tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, etc., to hit the surface of the bearing, which will cause the outer ring of the imported bearing to break or brittle. 2. The cleanliness of the bearing A clean use environment is very important for the bearing. The surface roughness accuracy of the rotating surface of the imported bearing ring and the rolling elements is about 1/10 μm, so if the smooth ball surface is contaminated, the impact will be very serious. The lubricating layer between the rolling surfaces is usually 0.2~1 μm. Particle-type impurities larger than the particle size of the lubricant will be excessively crushed by the rolling elements and generate local pressure in the spherical roller bearing steel, which will eventually lead to permanent materials. fatigue. In addition to this, the size of dust particles in the external environment can reach 10 μm, which can also cause damage to the spherical roller bearing. Because of this, a clean and tidy working environment is so important to imported bearings. 3. Process detection of the bearing. During use, the working temperature of the imported bearing is sensed by heat drying. If the temperature exceeds the specified limit, it will automatically alarm to prevent the occurrence of burning shaft. High temperature often indicates that the bearing is in an abnormal condition. High temperature is also harmful to the lubricant of the bearing. Sometimes bearing overheating can be attributed to the lubricant of the bearing. Long-term continuous rotation of the bearing at a temperature exceeding 125°C will reduce the life of the bearing. The reasons for the high temperature bearing include: it may be that the bearing is insufficiently lubricated and the lubricant is unqualified, and it contains impurities. When the load is too large, it may be that the internal clearance of the FAG bearing is insufficient and the oil seal causes friction and so on. Whether the bearing is installed correctly affects the accuracy, life and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly department must fully study the bearing installation. Hope to install in accordance with operating standards. The operating standard items are usually as follows: (1) Check the size and finishing of related parts; (2) Installation; (3) Supply lubricant. (4) Clean the bearing and its related parts; (5) Check after the bearing is installed; It is hoped that the bearing package will be opened just before the installation. Lubricating oil is lubricated, and cleaning is not usually necessary. However, imported bearings for instruments or high-speed applications should be cleaned with clean oil to remove the anti-rust agent coated on the bearings. General grease lubrication, do not clean, directly filled with grease. In addition, bearings that have been sealed with grease can be used directly without cleaning. Bearings with anti-rust agent removed are easy to rust, so they cannot be left alone. When installed to the shell, there is generally a lot of clearance fit, and the outer ring has an interference. It is usually pressed in with a press, or there is also a shrink fit method for installation after cooling. When dry ice is used as the coolant, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearing when the shrink fit is installed. Therefore, appropriate anti-rust measures are required. The installation method of the bearing varies with the bearing structure, fit, and conditions. Generally, because most of the shaft rotates, the inner ring needs an interference fit. In the case of a tapered hole, install it directly on the tapered shaft or install it with a sleeve. Cylindrical bore bearings are usually pressed in with a press or hot-fitting method.

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