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Installation and accuracy of crossed roller bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-13
There should be no burrs on the mounting holes or edges of the surrounding structural parts of the cross-roller bearing. The supporting surface must be clean. The relevant mating surface in contact with the bearing needs to be wiped with oil or grease. Lightly lubricate the threaded holes with oil to prevent excessive friction (do not wipe the lubricating oil on the bolts that need to be secured with adhesive). Make sure that there are no cleaning agents, solvents and cleaning emulsions in all adjacent parts and lubrication holes. The surface of the bearing seat may be rusty or the raceway may be contaminated. The installation force can only pass through the ferrule to be installed, not the rolling elements or seals. Avoid directly hitting the inner and outer rings of the bearing. When installing the ferrule, keep the action continuity and do not apply any external force. The inner ring of the bearing must be fixed together with anti-loosening bolts during installation and transportation. These bolts need to be loosened during installation to ensure that the bearings are not preloaded by them. In order to facilitate installation and disassembly, there is an inner ring with three threaded through holes for hoisting. Once the bearing is installed, the installation effect of the RBC crossed roller bearing must be checked. If the bearing does not run smoothly or the temperature rises abnormally, remove the bearing and reinstall it according to the installation method. Accuracy The operating accuracy is based on DIN 620-2 and DIN 620-3. The accuracy range is better than P4, please refer to the table. Other sizes are manufactured according to precision P5. Tolerances of the inner and outer rings of metric bearings: Please refer to the table.
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