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Installation and adjustment of long-life bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-10
In order to ensure the long life of the bearing and cannot meet the general installation and adjustment requirements, the following measures should be focused on: (1) The bearings are grouped according to the size of the interference fit surface, and the bearings in each group are divided according to their clearance. The sizes are arranged in order. Group the corresponding shaft or seat hole diameters in the same group. Match the bearing set with a large interference fit surface size to the shaft set or seat hole set with a large diameter, and select the corresponding set with a small size and a small diameter. In each matching group, the bearing with larger clearance shall be fitted with a tighter fit, and the bearing with smaller clearance shall be fitted with a looser fit. As a result of this matching, in the machines installed in the same batch, the matching interference of the bearings is more consistent, neither too loose nor too tight, and the clearance is more uniform, so as to ensure proper prestress after the bearing is installed and avoid The occurrence of abnormal bearing failures such as creeping, ring bursting, impact due to improper clearance, vibration or heating, and cohesion. (2) The coaxiality of the journal and seat hole at both ends of the support and its perpendicularity to the end face of the support must be strictly guaranteed to prevent the generation of additional loads. If possible, the mechanical components acting on the load other than the bearing should be slightly far away from the bearing that is more vulnerable to damage, and the shaft and rotating parts system should run as smoothly as possible.
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