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Installation and debugging process specification for dynamic and static pressure grinding head

by:JNSN     2021-12-29
Summary of the installation and commissioning process specification for the dynamic and static pressure grinding head: Open the box and check the parts and observe whether there is any damage during the transportation. Install the machine tool. Pay attention to the machine tool during the installation process. Please note that the main shaft cannot replace the pump station motor to connect to the machine tool master switch. The machine tool master switch pump station motor works. Check whether the pump station motor turns to see if the fluid dynamic and static pressure bearings are commonly used. Whether there is any damage during the process. <2> Install the grinding head on the machine tool, and be careful not to collide with the machine spindle during the process of installing it on the machine tool. 〈3〉Add 2# spindle oil from the fueling port of the pump station to about 80 liters to about half of the oil mark. When refueling, it must be filtered with three layers of silk cloth. Note: 2# spindle oil must be used instead of other oils. <4> Connect the pump station motor to the main switch of the machine tool, that is, when the main switch of the machine tool is turned on, the pump station motor will work. Check whether the steering of the pump station motor rotates clockwise. Insert the high-pressure oil inlet hose into the refueling port, and the pumping station will work for 15-20 minutes, and the oil circuit will circulate automatically to ensure that the oil outlet of the pumping station is clean.
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