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Installation and disassembly of imported bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-19
With the acceleration of China's accession to the WTO, the advent of the Olympic Games and many other reasons, our economy has become a state of rapid growth. Bearings are the foundation of modern industry. In some high-precision industries, my country's demand for imported bearings such as (skf bearings, nsk bearings, ntn bearings, fag bearings, timken bearings) is promising. Therefore, the first face in the course of use will be the installation and debugging of the bearing. If the installation is improper, it will cause immeasurable losses to the customer. Here, Tianjin Boji Bearing Sales Co., Ltd. will help you analyze the commonly used installation methods of imported bearings. Prevent 16% of premature bearing failures. Of all the premature failures of bearings, approximately 16% are caused by improper installation or the use of incorrect installation methods. Various applications may require mechanical, heating or hydraulic installation methods to install bearings correctly and efficiently. Choosing an installation method suitable for the application will help you extend the life of the bearing’ and reduce the cost of premature bearing failure and potential damage to the application. Bearing cold installation Small and medium-sized bearings generally adopt cold installation. Traditionally, the bearings were installed with a hammer and a section of old pipe. This approach can cause external forces to be transmitted through the rolling parts, thereby damaging the raceway. The installation tool applies external force to the bearing ring with a press fit, which helps prevent bearing damage. Before the bearing is hot installed, the bearing is usually heated in an oil bath. However, this method may contaminate the bearing and cause premature bearing failure. Nowadays, induction heating is the most commonly used method for heating bearings because of its high controllability, efficiency and safety. The group has established standards for the research and development of induction heaters for bearing applications. Bearing induction heaters have many functions to help prevent damage to the bearing during the heating process. The use of hydraulic technology to install bearings is a pioneer in the use of hydraulic technology in bearing installation. These technologies include oil injection and drive mounting methods. These methods can help simplify the bearing configuration and help to install the bearing correctly and easily. A wide variety of tools and equipment have also been developed to put these hydraulic technologies into practice. Online installation and disassembly instructions provide a unique online service, providing free information services for installing and disassembling bearings and housings in eight languages. This information service provides step-by-step instructions for installation or removal. The system also provides information on choosing the right tools and lubricants. With this free network service, professional knowledge is at your fingertips no matter when and where.
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