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Installation Design and Coordination of Four-row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-18
Four-row cylindrical roller bearings can only bear radial load, therefore, thrust bearings must be additionally used to provide axial support. The bearing seat usually adopts a loose fit to facilitate the disassembly during regular maintenance. The preferred fit of the shaft is a tight fit. In some applications, the shaft can also be loosely matched, such as some rough rolling equipment. If the shaft is loosely matched, a lubricating oil groove should be integrated in the inner hole of the bearing inner ring. For more details on how to install four-row cylindrical roller bearings, please consult a Timken engineer. In order to facilitate disassembly, an unwinding groove can be added to the inner ring (the feature code is W30B). The bearing inner ring can be ordered separately to meet the requirements of the spare roller. The bearing inner and outer ring components can be interchanged to achieve a certain clearance value. The main design types are: the optimization of the geometrical configuration of the rolling elements and raceways, so that the bearing has a high radial load capacity. In addition, the structure of a variety of cages and the selection of different materials enrich the design of the bearing, and the feature of preset clearance simplifies the installation process. RY type RY type bearing has two outer rings and a total of three solid ribs. The inner ring is usually a monolithic structure. The outer ring component is composed of the outer ring, rolling elements and cage, which is an integral combined structure. This design makes bearing handling and handling simple and easy. There is a loading groove on the bearing for installing rolling elements. Under normal circumstances, the lubricating oil is used to lubricate the bearing through the groove on the end face of the outer ring. The cage adopts a one-piece structure, and the material is machined brass or steel. The pockets of the cage are staggered between the inner and outer raceways. The RX type bearing has a four-row structure with two outer ring ribs and some side ribs to ensure the distance between the rows of rolling elements. This will make the disassembly inspection more convenient. The RX type design is commonly used in bearings with an inner diameter greater than 400 mm. Both brass cages and pin cages can be used for this type of bearing. In most cases, the inner ring of the bearing is two-piece. Types RYL and RXL The newly launched RYL and RXL have a variety of optional sizes, with a maximum inner diameter of 340 mm, and are specially designed for long-rolling mills. The optimization of the steel cage and design maximizes the service life of the bearing, prevents the rolling elements from falling off, and also facilitates the handling of the bearing.
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