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Installation method of cylindrical roller bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-23
Installation method: When using a tight-fit inner ring, the installation method depends on whether the bearing is a straight bore or a tapered bore. Then install the lock washer and lock nut or clamp end cover to fix the bearing on the shaft shoulder. After the bearing gradually cools down, tighten the lock nut or clamp the end cover when the outer ring rotates, and it and the bearing seat should be Tight fit, heat the bearing seat to expand it to complete the installation. Figure 10 shows the oil bath method. The bearing should not be in direct contact with the heat source. The usual method is to place an isolation net a few inches from the bottom of the fuel tank, and separate the isolation net from the bearing model with a small support block. The bearing must be kept away from any nearby high-temperature heat source to prevent the bearing from overheating. High and cause the hardness of the bearing ring to decrease. Flame heating is usually used. It is best to use automatic temperature control equipment. If safety regulations prohibit the use of open hot oil baths, a 15% soluble oil-water mixture can be used. This mixture can be heated up to 93°C and will not produce flames. Thermal expansion of straight bore bearings. Most applications require the shaft to use an interference fit to heat the bearing to expand enough to easily slide in along the journal. Two heating methods are usually used for easy installation:-Hot oil tank heating-Induction heating The first method is to put the bearing in hot oil with a high flash point. The heating oil temperature cannot exceed 121°C, 93°C in most applications It is enough to heat the bearing for 20 or 30 minutes, or until it expands enough to easily slide into the journal. Induction heating can be used to install the bearing. The induction heating process is very fast, so special care must be taken to prevent the temperature from exceeding 93°C. Tests are usually required. Heating operation to grasp the correct heating time. According to the fixed melting temperature of the wax, the temperature of the bearing can be measured. After the bearing is heated, it should be ensured that the bearing is vertically leaning against the shoulder and fixed until it cools. The thermal expansion method bearing is supported by the isolation net from the bottom of the lubricating oil bearing support block. Do not use steam or hot water to clean the bearing, otherwise it will cause rust or corrosion. Do not heat the bearing surface on a flame. Bearing heating should not exceed 149°C (30F). Warning Before heating the parts, please remove the oil or rust inhibitor on them to avoid fire and dense smoke. CAUTION Failure to observe the following warning information may result in serious personal injury or death. The hand plate punching method is usually used as an alternative installation method for small-sized bearings, which is to press the bearing onto the shaft or into the bearing seat. This method requires an arbor press and an installation sleeve, as shown in Figure 11, the installation sleeve should be made of mild steel, and the inner diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of the shaft. The outer diameter of the installation sleeve should not exceed The shaft shoulder diameter given in the Timken® Spherical Roller Bearing Catalogue (Order No. 10446C). The two ends of the installation sleeve should be vertical, the inner and outer surfaces need to be cleaned thoroughly, and the sleeve should be long enough to ensure that the end of the sleeve is still longer than the shaft end after the bearing is installed. The outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing seat. The inner diameter should not be smaller than the bearing seat shoulder diameter recommended in 'Timken® Spherical Roller Bearing Selection Guide' (Order No. 10446C) on Apply light engine oil to the shaft to reduce the time when pressing into the fittings The required force is to carefully install the bearing on the shaft and ensure that it is perpendicular to the center line of the shaft. A stable pressure is applied by the lever to make the bearing firmly against the shaft or the bearing seat shoulder.
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