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Installation of cylindrical hollow bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-13
When installing a non-separable bearing with a tight fit between the bearing inner ring and the shaft and the outer ring housing hole is a loose fit, install the bearing on the shaft with a press, and then install the shaft and the bearing into the housing hole Internally, if the bearing is small, a softer metal hammer can also be used to lightly hit the end surface of the ring to force the bearing to work, but the percussive force must be evenly distributed on the bearing ring. When the outer ring of the bearing has a tight fit with the bearing seat hole and the inner ring has a loose fit with the shaft, the bearing can be installed on the shaft first. When the bearing ring is in a tight fit with the shaft or bearing seat hole, a special mounting sleeve barrel is used to simultaneously press the bearing onto the shaft or bearing seat. The installation of separable bearings is that the inner ring and the outer ring can be easily installed on the shaft or the bearing seat separately. At this time, it should be noted that the shaft with the inner ring is inserted into the bearing box with the outer ring. , Try to keep it concentric to avoid scratching the rolling elements and raceways. When the size of the bearing is large, because the required installation force is large, or the interference of the bearing under heavy load work is large, and it is difficult to install in the cold state, it is necessary to preheat the inner ring of the bearing or the bearing seat beforehand. Install it. When installing in a hot state, the heating temperature should be strictly controlled. When heating the bearing, the maximum heating temperature should not exceed 1200C, generally 80~1000C. Bearings with dust caps or seals should not be heated, otherwise the lubricant will be lost. The heating method can be electric induction beauty, oil bath heating and other methods.
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