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Installation of Dust Cover Assembly of Seated Bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-12
There are two types of dust cover for rolling bearing with seat, steel plate and cast iron. However, no matter which type of dust cover is installed, the bearing box is installed last. The installation process of rolling bearing with dust cover and seat is shown below. (1) Apply grease to the entire circumference of the sealing ring lip of the dust cover, and then fill the inner space of the dust cover (1/3 to 1/2 of the space volume) with grease (Figure 14.11). Fill the lip of the seal ring and the internal space of the dust cover with grease (2) After passing the dust cover on one side on the shaft, insert the bearing with housing into the shaft. (3) Insert the dust cover passing on the shaft into the cover groove of the bearing box and fix it. (4A) When installing the steel plate cover, in order not to deform the dust cover, use a synthetic resin hammer to strike evenly around the cover and install it on the bearing box (Figure 14.12). When removing the steel plate cover, insert a screwdriver into the groove on the outer circumference of the cover and pry gently. When installing the cast iron cover, insert the dust cover into the cover groove of the bearing box and fix it with bolts. For the tightening torque of the cast iron cover mounting bolts, please refer to the attached table 3 at the end of the volume. (5) Install the dust cover on the other side to the bearing box in the same way. (6) Check whether the dust cover after installation is abnormal. (7) Finally, turn the shaft by hand to confirm whether the rotation state of the bearing is abnormal.
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