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Installation of tapered bore bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-12
Bearing Shenyang General Agent Center, take a look at the installation of tapered bore bearings. For larger bearings, it is recommended to use the Drive-up Method. This method is used to measure the clearance reduction and the tightening angle of the lock nut. Save time and be more accurate. For the installation of extra-large bearings, you can use the SensorMount Method to measure the expansion of the inner ring. Since the sensor is embedded in the inner ring of the bearing, it can be installed more easily, quickly and accurately. Bearings with tapered bores are generally installed with an interference fit. The interference can be determined by measuring the radial clearance reduction or the axial displacement of the inner ring on the conical journal. The methods suitable for installing tapered hole spherical roller bearings include: measuring the clearance reduction, measuring the locking angle of the locking end, measuring the axial advance distance, measuring the expansion of the inner ring, and the small bearing with an inner diameter of 100mm or less can be passed Measure the locking angle of the lock nut to install.
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