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mini drill press

by:JNSN     2021-10-09
Hi, Everybody.
This is my first explanation.
First of all, I want to make a drilling machine with my own design.
There are two more options in this case, either manually or automatically.
In manual mode: you can move the drill bit using the joystick on the y-axis. Step by Step.
In auto mode: you can move the drill bit using the joystick on the y-axis.
However, the drill bit automatically returns to the official position without pressing the joystick.
First of all, this is a list of components you need to buy or buy. 1. -
Arduino Nano v30 2. -
The model of the stepping motor is Japanese 17 3. -
Simple driver for stepping motor. 4. -
Liquid crystal month K with potenciometer. 5. -
Switch on/off 6. -
DC female plug 7. -
12v 2a DC adapter. 8. -
Linear Motion 8mm axis 300 or 400mm length 9. -
5mm x 8mm motor shaft spiral beam coupler coupling 18mm diameter 25mm. -
Mounting bracket for class 16 step motor. -
Joystick shield12. -
Button Shield 13. -
CNC sliding bushing 34 linear moving ball bearings.
5mm length pack 414. -
300mm 8mm screw ACME screw and nut.
3D printer row Lock 15. -
Clip 2 \"and 1\" 16. -Wood: 1pc. 40cm x 30 cm (Base Plate). 1pc. 40cm x 7cm1pc. 40cm x 5 cm2pc.
30 cm x 7 cm1pc.
36 cm x 10 cm1pc. 11cm x 15 cm (
For Dremel or motorcycle tools).
1 pc 7 cm x 10 cm (
Top for DREMEL or moto tool). 1pc 40.
5 cm x 3mm for LCD, buttons and joysticks. 18. -Screws 1\"19. -
DuPont cable, drill bit, Carpenter Square and glue.
We need to add tables for 40x30, 40x7, 30x7 and 36x10.
Flat base.
With table 40. 5cmx5cmx3mm;
We have to cut this hole in order to put the LCD.
And holes in the joystick.
We have to use the Carpenter Square to place the straight motion 8mm axis and 8mm screws in 90 °.
Let\'s explain the connection: Arduino to easy drive pin 2 of the direction pin 3 connected to the step pin.
Pin 4 connected to the MS2 pin.
Pin 5 connected to the MS1 pin.
Pin 6 is connected to the sleep pin.
Maybe some of you have more experience with LCD and ic2.
But I don\'t want to buy it.
So, I used the components that I have.
Pins 7 to d4Pin 8 to d5Pin 9 to d7V0 to potenciometer.
VDD, A, potentiometer right to 5 VDCVSS, K, potentiometer left to Arduino 5VDC to 5GND to GNDVER or VRY to A6HOR or VRX
If you want to use it in both axes. )
ArduinoS of the button (switch)
To A1 to 5VDC-
To GNDFinal connection: easy drive for the stepping motor and DC adapter.
Wire red and blue coil green and black coil BGND and M to DC adapter 12 V 2 amp.
Note: When all tests are OK, we have to connect the de DC adapter to the VIN and GND of the Arduino nano.
Be careful not to do short circuit as I did and I have to buy other Arduino nano.
Button to change the machine to manual or automatic.
Pay attention to connecting this.
The LCD uses 5 v, be careful when connecting 12v to the stepping motor.
The code is simple. I used two smart-
Bits Tutorial: collaboration for this knowledge. .
I\'m going to finish the job and I just need to put the motorcycle tools and clips together.
Since it has a small wire, adjust the easy drive and the stepping motor.
I will show you the final project in a few days.
Thanks for reading.
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