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Selection basis for motor special bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-16
The application of normal bearing selection methods may not necessarily be able to find a reasonable bearing model for all motors. The industry has extremely strict requirements. After years of research, ZWZ has developed a selection method suitable for high-precision, high-speed, and low-vibration motor bearings, and applied this concept to develop suitable motor bearings. The motor bearing selection process recommended by ZWZ is as follows: the spindle size determines the bearing type determines the bearing size determines the bearing parameters determines the bearing installation method Note: The motor bearing selection is based on the motor working condition to select the bearing type, determine the bearing inner diameter according to the spindle size, and then according to the space Determine the bearing dimensions, then determine the bearing accuracy according to the speed, select the matching form according to the load situation, select the internal clearance according to the speed and heating condition, and then determine the bearing clearance according to the fit and internal clearance, and select the bearing vibration according to the noise requirements and type grade. According to the mechanical space situation, whether to choose grease or oil lubrication, the bearing load used in the motor industry is not a big problem. According to the rotor weight and magnetic tension, after precise calculation, the key parameters of the bearing are finally determined to meet the requirements of use. The general sequence is as follows: first determine the use conditions of the motor and the bearing, the requirements for the bearing, and then follow the steps below to select the structure type, select the shape and size, determine the product accuracy, select the clearance, determine the bearing fit, select the vibration level, select the material, select the bearing operating conditions and environmental conditions : Correctly grasping the location of the bearing in the motor and the conditions of use and environmental conditions are the prerequisites for choosing a suitable bearing. In order to do this, it is necessary to obtain the following data and information: the function and structure of the mechanical device; the use part of the bearing; the bearing load (size, direction); rotation speed; vibration, shock; bearing temperature (ambient temperature, temperature rise) ; Ambient atmosphere (corrosiveness, cleanliness, lubricity), etc.
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