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Selection of Timken Bearing Grease

by:JNSN     2021-12-19
The successful use of Timken bearing grease depends on the physical and chemical characteristics of the lubricant, the application and environmental conditions. It is often difficult to determine the appropriate grease for a specific bearing under certain operating conditions, so you can ask the lubricant supplier or equipment manufacturer about the specific requirements for equipment lubrication. For general lubrication knowledge in any application, you can also consult a representative of Timken. When selecting grease, it is important to consider its consistency at operating temperature. Grease should also not show signs of gradual thickening or separation of lubricating oil, acid formation or hardening. Grease should be smooth, non-fibrous and free of any chemical active ingredients. Its dropping point should be much higher than the working temperature. This selection guide is for reference only and cannot replace the technical requirements provided by the equipment manufacturer. Grease Lubrication Selection Guide: Through the study of tribology and bearing anti-friction knowledge and how the above two points affect the performance of the whole system, Timken has developed specific greases for various applications. Timken® grease helps bearings and related components operate effectively in harsh industrial environments. High temperature resistance, wear resistance and water resistance additives provide superior protection in complex environments. The following chart (table 29) is an overview of Timken® greases used in general applications. For more detailed information about Timken® lubrication solutions, please consult your local Timken representative. Many bearing applications require the use of lubricants with special properties or lubricants specially formulated for certain environments, including: Friction corrosion (microseismic wear) Chemical stability and solvent stability Food processing environment applications High wear and medium load Speed u200bu200bMedium Temperature Agricultural Bushing/Spherical Joint Truck and Automobile Wheel Bearings Heavy Industrial Light Load Bearing Idler Kiln Conveyor Motor Fan Pump Alternator Generator Aluminum Mill Paper Mill Steel Mill Offshore Drilling Equipment Power Generation Food and Beverage Industry Pharmaceutical General industrial applicationsPin shafts and bushingsRoller shaftsWater pump sliding bearings and anti-friction bearings Wind energy main bearings Pulp and paper machinery Pin/spline shaft Timken® Advanced All-round Industrial Grease Timken® Engineering Machinery and Off-Road Equipment Grease Timken® Seated Ball Bearing Grease Timken® Rolling Mill Grease Timken® Food Safety Grease Timken® Synthetic Industrial Grease Timken® Multi Purpose: Lithium-based grease, extreme heat, heavy load, severe sliding wear, impurity environment, low speed impact load, corrosive medium, extreme heat, heavy load, humid environment, low and medium speed, occasional food contact, hot/cold temperature, medium and high speed, medium load, extremely low and extremely high temperature Load corrosive medium low medium speed medium speed light load to medium load medium temperature moderate moisture and corrosive environment quiet environment light load medium high speed medium temperature light load moderate moisture operation noiseless space and/or vacuum conduction For those who need special lubricants For information in these or other areas, please contact a Timken representative.
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