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Selection procedure of bearing type

by:JNSN     2021-12-20
It is not an easy task to select the most suitable bearing type and assembly method for the selection process of the bearing. If the selection of the bearing model is correct or not, it is directly related to whether the design performance and life expectancy of the bearing can be achieved is not an exaggeration. There are no general rules for bearing selection procedures. The designer must prioritize and decide the model according to the most needed index among the various characteristics of the bearing each time. Figure 1.1 is an example of a bearing selection procedure, which can be used as a reference during design. ● Figure 1.1 The bearing selection procedure calculates the necessary dynamic load rating based on load, number of revolutions and required life. Discuss whether the accuracy of the shaft and the seat sleeve is the same as or similar to the accuracy of the bearing. In order to prevent bearing damage and foreign matter intrusion, study the operating environment and design fixtures and tools for installation. Prevents the intrusion of external debris, moisture, etc. No maintenance is required, but grease cannot be replaced or refilled. It is necessary to design on the condition that grease can be exchanged and replenished. Measures must be taken to prevent foreign matter intrusion and oil/grease leakage from the outside. The performance of the bearing and the environmental conditions determine the bearing to be used. Bearing arrangement The discussion of the bearing model determines the selection of the dynamic load rating and the accuracy level. Select the appropriate bearing size. No Yes. The selection of the lubrication system. The accuracy of the shaft and the axle box. The study of the limit rotation speed determines whether the rated static load is less than the rated static load within the limit value of the determination limit value. Check whether it is economical (can use standard products) u0026#1056131; load direction, size, rotation speedu0026#1056133; noise·torqueu0026# 1056134; Tilting of inner and outer rings u0026#1056135; Rigidity u0026#1056136; Determination and matching of shaft direction position u0026#1056137; Installation and disassemblyu0026#1056138; Environment around the bearing (vibration and shock) u0026#1056131; Shaft vibration Accuracy u0026#1056132; Vibration due to rotation u0026#1056133; Rotation speed u0026#1056131; Distinguish rotating ringu0026#1056132; Distinguishing static, rotating and impact loadu0026#1056133; Shaft and seat cover materialu0026#1056134; Distinguishing fixed Side and rotating side u0026#1056135; Inner ring expansion caused by centrifugal force during high-speed rotation. Discussion of Bearing Model Page 3 2. Bearing Life Page 4 3. Bearing Accuracy Page 7 5. Preload and Rigidity Page 14 6. Lubrication Page 22-2. Recommended Accuracy of Shaft and Housing Page 28 Page 9. Use of bearings. Page 30. 7. Limit speed. Page 26. 2-4. Basic static load rating and equivalent static load. Page 6. Page 27. 8-1. If the bearing life of the closed type bearing is longer than the mechanical life of the open type bearing, the design, lubrication and sealing shall be carried out based on the principle of not requiring maintenance. When the life of the bearing and the life of the grease are shorter than the life of the machine, the design is based on the principle that the bearing can be replaced easily, and the grease is replenished and replaced, and the maintenance interval is determined. If necessary, install a monitor to monitor vibration and temperature and predict bearing life. u0026#1056131; Replace ball bearings with roller bearings and use assembled bearingsu0026#1056133; Reduced size, midway replacement can be accommodated in the design space. Grease lubrication. If low vibration and low noise are required during high-speed rotation, the bearing part High rigidity is required, and preload is required in this case.
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