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Series with seated spherical roller bearings with excellent quality

by:JNSN     2021-12-19
For more than 126 years of history, the Dodge brand has always been synonymous with top products in the industry. Its seated bearings are recognized by users all over the world as the highest quality products in the industry. These high-quality characteristics are further carried forward on the full range of Dodge ISN spherical roller bearings-a unique high-capacity double-row spherical roller bearing with an efficient and simple adapter disassembly system. This patented system not only provides concentric tightening force to clamp the bearing on the shaft, but also ensures that the bearing can be disassembled and assembled within 15 minutes. Combining these excellent features with the high-quality sealing system of the ISN series bearings and a wide range of compact and integral bearing housings that meet industry standard sizes, you will have a series of high-quality seated roller bearings. Original Dodge ISN series seated spherical roller bearing TRIDENT® Sealing ring Labyrinth seal ISN series seated spherical roller bearing patented ISN push-pull disassembly system; · 36 uniform force, full contact, reduce or eliminate friction and corrosion; · no need Feeler gauge; · Easy to disassemble; · Floating end and fixed end bearings can be easily converted on site; · Three-lip contact seal suitable for wet and dirty applications; · Non-contact labyrinth seal suitable for high-speed and high-temperature applications. Patented sealing technology Ineffective sealing may allow contaminants to enter the inside of the bearing, resulting in bearing failure. However, the ISN bearing core has two unique sealing rings to achieve maximum sealing protection. Our mature Trident seals are very suitable for dirty environments, low and medium speeds or normal working conditions. This triple-lip contact seal ring is made of nitrile material and has a low friction coefficient. Even in the case of misalignment, the sealing surface can cover the entire sealing contact area. For higher speeds and harsher working conditions, ISN bearing cores provide labyrinth seals with corrosion-resistant oil rings and steel gap seal frames. Time-saving removal and replacement design 1) The steel cage provides precision roller guidance; 2) The outer ring of the bearing is covered with a composite guide ring to fully reduce heat; 3) The cone sealing surface covers the entire contact surface when misaligned; 4) Patented nitrile triple lip seal , Heat-resistant and chemical-resistant; 5) patented push-pull loading and unloading system, easy to disassemble and assemble; 6) push-pull bushing to improve coaxiality and suppress vibration.
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