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Shelf life and storage principles of grease lubricated bearings and components

by:JNSN     2021-12-20
Timken's guidelines on the shelf life of grease-lubricated rolling bearings, components and components are as follows: The shelf life is determined based on test data and test experience. The shelf life is different from the design service life of a lubricated bearing or component. The difference is as follows: Shelf life The shelf life of a grease-lubricated bearing or component refers to the time period before use or installation, and is part of the expected design service life. Due to the difference in lubricant seepage rate, vapor volatilization, operating conditions, installation conditions, temperature, humidity and storage time, it is difficult for us to accurately predict its design service life. The shelf life value provided by Timken refers to the maximum period under the Timken guidelines for storage and disposal. Any deviation from Timken’s storage and handling guidelines will result in a shortened shelf life. Reference should be made to the instructions or operation examples related to shortening the shelf life. Timken cannot foresee the performance of the grease after the bearing or component is installed or put into use. Timken assumes no responsibility for the shelf life of bearings and parts that are not lubricated by the company. Storage Timken recommends the following storage principles for finished products (bearings, parts and components are collectively referred to as products below): Unless Timken states otherwise, the product should be kept in its original packaging before being put into use. Do not tear off or change the packaging Do not pierce, crush or damage the packaging of any label or mark on the product during storage. After unpacking the product, make sure that the product is put into use as soon as possible. The parts package should be sealed immediately. Do not use the product storage area beyond the product shelf life (see Timken Bearing Company shelf life principle). The temperature of the product storage area should be maintained between C (32°F) and 4C (104°F); and minimize Small temperature fluctuations, relative humidity should be maintained below 60%, and the surface should be kept dry. The storage area should avoid (but not limited to) dust pollution, dust pollution, harmful gas pollution, etc. The storage area should avoid excessive vibration and avoid any extreme conditions due to Timken The company is not familiar with the customer's specific storage environment, so we strongly recommend that you follow the above storage principles. However, if the relevant environment or the government puts forward higher storage requirements, the customer must comply with them accordingly. Most types of bearings will be coated with anti-rust agent (non-lubricating oil) before transportation. In the application of oil-lubricated bearings, there is no need to remove rust inhibitors. In some special grease lubrication applications, we recommend that you remove the rust inhibitor before applying suitable grease. Some bearing types in this catalog are packaged with general-purpose grease suitable for general applications. To ensure the best performance of the product, grease should be reapplied frequently. Different greases are very likely to be incompatible with each other, so special attention should be paid when choosing greases. If the customer specifically requires, other bearings can be provided with pre-lubrication. After receiving the goods, make sure that the bearings are well packed before installation to avoid corrosion or contamination. To ensure the design time of the bearing, it should be stored in a suitable environment.
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