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Spindle super-precision bearings add competitiveness to your success

by:JNSN     2021-12-30
With the trend-oriented bearing arrangement solutions of feed axis, spindle, turntable and linear guide unit, Schaeffler Group and its brands have been at the forefront of technology in the global market for decades. The spindle super-precision bearings represent the highest precision and absolute reliability in operation. Continuously innovating spindle bearing solutions have always set standards for speed, accuracy and working life. However, bearing components alone cannot guarantee the success of the spindle system and the complete machine. Only when the manufacturer's product development is based on comprehensive system knowledge and provides systematic services, can the product performance be significantly improved and unique selling points to customers can be achieved. Becoming a market leader requires close cooperation with spindle and machine tool manufacturers, sharing knowledge and experience, and understanding the needs of end users and their customers. The Schaeffler Group has more than one hundred years of experience in engineering applications, technical consulting and production, which are reflected in its broadest bearing series in the world. This knowledge has always been part of the solutions we provide to our customers. In turn, the Schaeffler Group also benefits from close ties with partners. Schaeffler's production machinery division calls it increasing competitiveness. This method is based on partnership and consistently adheres to the goals of faster, more precise, longer life, and more economical for the subsystems and even the entire system. The integration of important functions, such as sealing, lubrication, damping and anti-corrosion protective layer and many others, reduces the requirements for mating surfaces or maintenance, increases the reliability of operation, and saves time and cost. Basic research, computing services, installation guidance, and training courses, as well as a perfect sales network and production base also bring value and convenience to customers. The quick and effective response of Schaeffler employees ensures our most valuable asset: face-to-face contact with customers. The greatest benefit for customers is the goal of Schaeffler Group's management of the production machinery industry. For spindle bearings, this means far more than just producing a good product, but also considering the needs of the application and the end user. This leads to the requirements for all relevant departments in the production of ultra-precision bearings: Top quality and leading technology Close to customers The highest cost-effective application Our work is always to be close to customers and benefit them. Accurate recognition of specific application requirements and processes plays a decisive role in selecting suitable bearing products and correspondingly reducing system costs. You can always find the bearings you need from the unmatched complete series of spindle bearing products. For special bearing applications, we also provide customers with fast and reliable special solutions. Leading products and professional technology Ultra-precision bearings set standards for those applications that have extremely high requirements for reliability, running accuracy and high-speed performance, whether it is machine tools, textile machinery, woodworking machinery or other fields. The comprehensiveness of the product range ensures optimal bearing arrangements in various occasions and applications. The Schaeffler Group’s Ru0026D facilities and strengths as well as close cooperation with customers provide a solid foundation for the continuous improvement of existing products and the development of new products. The design and application of super-precision bearings have always included the perfect combination of technology and economy. This is clearly reflected in various aspects such as a comprehensive analysis of the bearing system, including life calculation, simulation and design, as well as sales, installation and service. This analysis includes not only meeting the main requirements of the bearing design, but also testing the main functions required by the actual application, such as sealing, lubrication, positioning, and monitoring. At this stage, the mutual influence of the adjustment of the bearing arrangement on the entire system can be tested. Schaeffler Group provides reliable bearing calculation and simulation tools, which can be purchased separately or as part of technical services; it can also provide comprehensive and systematic training and technical consulting. This sample gives a comprehensive and detailed introduction to super-precision bearings, including bearing layout, and important rules for bearing selection, layout design and installation. For more detailed information, please contact us.
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