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Structural features of triple seal ring assembly and dust cover assembly of seated bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-22
In order to meet a wider range of uses and various special requirements, in addition to ordinary products, special purpose rolling bearing products with various performances are also serialized. When using under special environment and conditions, please select the most suitable product from the special-purpose rolling bearing with seat. In addition to standard components and special-purpose components, seated bearings of various shapes and specifications are also produced, so please contact us when you need it. Triple seal assembly (accessory symbol L3) The triple seal structure is an oil seal with a triple lip that is vulcanized and bonded to a steel plate seal. The triple lip strongly prevents dust, muddy water, etc. from entering the inside of the bearing, ensuring the life of the bearing even under severe environmental conditions. In addition, the triple seal ring is installed on the outer ring of the bearing, so the use of the triple seal ring assembly is exactly the same as that of ordinary products. In addition, the triple seal ring assembly does not have the phenomenon of contact between the shaft and the seal ring when the bearing is aligned with the dust cover assembly, so it can maintain stable performance for a long time. The triple seal assembly has improved the shortcomings of the previous dustproof and waterproof assembly, and is an epoch-making product that achieves labor-saving and low-cost. The triple seal ring is suitable for UC type and UK type bearings. Components with dust cover (accessory symbols C, D, FC, FD) Components with dust cover are equipped with a steel plate cover or cast iron cover on the bearing box of ordinary products, and have a double-sealed structure of the bearing and the bearing box. Even in harsh environmental conditions such as dust and muddy water, the life of the bearing can be ensured. There are two types of components with dust cover: C type and FC type, through type, D type and FD type (with vertical seat bearing, CD type and FCD type). Form and structure of components with dust cover 3 Heat-resistant components (special symbol D1K2) (special symbol D9K2) and cold-resistant components (special symbol D2K2) exceed the operating temperature range of ordinary products. Use the tape under high or low temperature conditions. When housing bearings, you should choose heat-resistant (special code D1K2) oil-filled components, heat-resistant (special code D9K2) non-oil-filled components, and cold-resistant components (special code D2K2). The heat-resistant components (special symbol D9K2) use fluorine grease, which enables long-term operation without lubrication at high temperatures. The specifications of heat-resistant components and cold-resistant components are shown in Table 2.3. Table 2.3 Specifications of heat-resistant components and cold-resistant components Special signs Operating temperature range (°C) Internal clearance of grease oil-sealed rubber bearings UC type UK type ordinary product (no symbol) -20~100Alvania No.2 GOLD No.3A or equivalent (lithium soap) nitrile CN C3 for heat resistance D9K2 D1K2-50~220 -40~180 DEMNUM L-200 (fluorine grease) SH44M (lithium soap silicon silicon C4 C5C4 C5 cold resistance D2K2 -50~120 SH33M (lithium soap) Silicon CN C3.
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