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Structure and Features of FYH Rolling Bearings with Blocks

by:JNSN     2022-03-17
FYH rolling bearing with house is a high-precision component product composed of grease-sealed deep groove ball bearing and bearing housing of various shapes. Rolling bearings with a seat can be directly mounted on the main body of the mechanical device with a few bolts. They have self-aligning performance and can be supplemented with grease. It is a product that is very easy to install and use. Rolling bearings with houses consist of a ball bearing for units with a spherical outer diameter surface and a bearing housing for units with a spherical housing (Fig. 1.1). Features Rolling bearings with houses have many features. In addition, there are many types of rolling bearings with houses, and each type has various unique characteristics, so it is necessary to select the most suitable bearing with houses according to the application. High load capacity and high precision: The internal structure of the ball bearing for components is the same as that of the single-row deep groove ball bearing, which can bear the axial load in two directions while bearing a large radial load. The accuracy of the bearing is the same as that of the general bearing, and it has high rotation accuracy and good high-speed performance. Reasonable self-aligning structure and the most suitable fit The rolling bearing with seat has self-aligning performance through the spherical outer diameter bearing and the bearing housing of the belt bearing seat. Therefore, the deviation of the shaft center caused by the deflection and eccentricity of the shaft can be automatically adjusted, so that no abnormal load is applied to the bearing, thereby ensuring the original life of the bearing. The spherical outer diameter surface of the bearing is ground, and the spherical bearing seat of the bearing housing is also processed with high precision on the boring machine, so the bearing and the bearing housing are optimally matched, and at the same time, the high self-aligning performance is exerted. The allowable self-aligning angle of the rolling bearing with block is 3 for ordinary products and 1 for products with dust cover. High sealing performance: Due to the multiplication effect achieved by the oil seal installed on the outer ring of the bearing and the oil flinger installed on the inner ring of the bearing, the rolling bearing with a seat can effectively prevent the grease inside the bearing from leaking to the outside and prevent external dust. , water, etc. invade the inside of the bearing. The oil seal is made of synthetic rubber with excellent oil resistance. The lip of the oil seal is in contact with the inner ring of the bearing with the best pressing force. For use in applications with a lot of dust and water, the triple seal assembly (accessory symbol L3) or the dust cap assembly (accessory symbol C, CD, FC, FD) are most suitable. The triple seal ring assembly or the assembly with dust cover can strongly prevent the intrusion of external dust, water, etc., and prolong the life of the bearing. Grease replenishment is easy The bearing housing for rolling bearings with a block is equipped with a grease nozzle, so it is easy to replenish new grease to the running bearing. When used in harsh environments such as dusty water, high humidity, high temperature, etc., by replenishing new grease at regular intervals, the bearing can be guaranteed to be in the best lubrication state, thereby prolonging the life of the bearing. When oil is supplied to the FYH bearing with a block with a centralized oil supply device, a special sleeve is installed on the threaded hole for the grease nozzle installed on the bearing housing. High-rigidity and high-strength bearing housings The bearing housings for rolling bearings with houses are optimally designed to reduce deformation due to stress concentration and load, and are produced by selecting high-quality materials through high-level casting technology or stamping technology. The high-rigidity and high-strength bearing housing prevents abnormal load from acting on the bearing and prolongs the life of the bearing. In addition, since the surface of the bearing housing is painted, it can maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time. Easy to install and use Various forms of rolling bearings with seats can be directly installed on the main body of the mechanical device through several bolts, and can be used directly in this state. In addition, the matching between the bearing inner ring and the shaft adopts clearance fit in principle. Therefore, the rolling bearing with a block does not require operations such as filling of lubricants and installation of sealing devices, which are usually required for bearing installation, so that the man-hours can be greatly reduced. There are 3 ways to fix the bearing and the shaft: ① Install the set screw on the wide inner ring of the cylindrical hole, ② Install the fastener on the inner ring of the tapered hole, ③ Install the eccentricity on the wide inner ring of the cylindrical hole Fixed circle. Regardless of the method, the bearing and shaft can be fixed easily and reliably.
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