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Suffix code naming rules for spindle bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-29
The codes of all super-precision bearings used for machine tool spindles are unified. In addition to the bearing model, the marking on the bearing also contains the following important information: Aperture tolerance of the inner and outer ring bearing width assembly direction, marked on the outer surface of the outer ring The above information helps the installation engineer to realize the shaft and the bearing seat and the bearing The precise fit. In order to ensure the best performance of the bearing, in addition these code information helps to reduce inventory management costs. For a detailed explanation of the bearing code, please refer to the (spindle bearing) nomenclature on the following two pages. Marking of the contact angle on single-row bearings The direction of the contact angle is marked by an arrow on the outer surface of the outer ring of the bearing. The open end of the arrow faces the end of the outer ring with ribs. The mark and name of the bearing pairing. The paired bearing consists of bearings with matching inner and outer diameters. The first letter represents the number of matched bearings. D 2 bearing sets Double T 3 bearing sets Triple Q 4 bearing sets Quadruple ready-to-use matched bearing sets The bearing sequence is fixed. The second (or third) letter indicates the bearing arrangement in the bearing group: B back-to-back arrangement F face-to-face arrangement T series arrangement BT 2 or 3 bearings arranged in parallel and another bearing to form a back-to-back arrangement FT 2 or The three bearings are arranged in series and another bearing is reconstituted into a face-to-face arrangement, ready-to-use. The overall installation direction of the bearing is indicated by the big arrow on the entire bearing set, and the bearing is arranged according to the direction of this arrow. Indicates that the second letter in the name of the universal matching bearing is U. The bearings of the universal bearing set can be arranged arbitrarily without performance loss. Therefore, the outer ring of a single bearing of the universal matched bearing does not need to be installed with a mark, only the contact angle direction is marked. Example: B 70 08-C -T-P4S-UL* HSS 70 08-C -T-P4S-UL HCB 70 08-C DLR -T-P4S-UL B 70 08-C-2RSD -T-P4S-UL B 70 08-C -T-P4S-UL-L075 Spindle bearing suffix code Bearing type: B standard steel ball HCB hybrid standard ceramic ball XCB X-Life ultra-long life standard ceramic ball HS high-speed bearing steel ball HSS high-speed bearing steel ball, Sealed HC high-speed bearing ceramic ball HCS high-speed bearing ceramic ball, sealed XC X-Life ultra-long life standard high-speed bearing ceramic ball XCS X-Life ultra-long life standard high-speed bearing ceramic ball, sealed size series: 718 ultra-light series 719 light-duty series 70 Medium-duty series 72 Heavy-duty series ID code 6 6 mm 7 7 mm 8 8 mm 9 9 mm 00 10 mm 01 12 mm 02 15 mm 03 17 mm 04 4 · 5 u003d 20 mm 05 5 · 5 u003d 25 mm Contact angle : C 15° E 25° External form: direct lubrication-CDLR direct radial lubrication hole and integrated O-ring contact angle 15° -EDLR integrated O-ring seal contact angle 25° Seal: -2RSD sealed on both sides and filled Grease, seal design In the bearing table, use () to indicate that the manufacturer fills with grease L075. Grease Arcanol L075 is used for non-sealed bearings. The bearings sealed at both ends have been filled with L075 grease and can be lubricated for life. Preload: L Light preload M Medium preload H Heavy preload Bearing arrangement: U Single bearing universal configuration DU One set of two universal bearings TU One set of three universal bearings QU One set of four universal bearings PU One set Five universal bearings DB One set of two bearings arranged back to back DF One set of two bearings arranged face to face DT One set of two bearings arranged in series TBT One set of three bearings arranged in series-O type arrangement QBC One set of four bearings arranged in series -O- Series arrangement accuracy: P4S standard accuracy refers to DIN620, higher than P4 grade P4S-K5 accuracy is P4S grade, and the inner and outer diameters are in the average group. Cage: T plastic fiber cage, outer ring guide TX plastic fiber cage, outer Ring guide TPA plastic fiber cage, outer ring guide, B718 series outer ring guide * Special design can be negotiated. You can get more information in the custom solutions chapter.
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