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Ultra-precision high-speed and hybrid cylindrical roller bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-20
Ultra-precision cylindrical roller bearings are used in occasions with high precision requirements, and are often used in machine tools and printing machinery. Since the linear expansion generated during operation can be compensated by the float between the roller and the raceway, they are ideal floating bearings. Due to the characteristics of high precision and high radial stiffness, super-precision cylindrical roller bearings can be used not only as floating bearings, but also in bearing arrangements with the following requirements: Radial stiffness, high load capacity, high precision single row N10 series and double row NN30 series are super-precision bearings; in addition, there are N19 series and NNU49 series, which have a smaller cross-sectional area and are more suitable for multi-spindle arrangements with small shaft spacing. If necessary, after consultation and agreement, bearings in series of sizes not given in this catalog can also be provided. The single-row N10 and N19 series can withstand very high radial loads. The inner ring guides the rollers and the cage material is brass or PEEK. The double row NN30 is also an inner ring guide roller, and the outer ring has a ground cylindrical profile and is detachable. NNU49 is just the opposite. The outer ring guides the rollers and the inner ring has a ground cylindrical profile and is removable. These cylindrical roller bearings are designed in accordance with the following standards: Accuracy class SP tapered bore (taper 1:12), the required preload or radial clearance can be adjusted by the support position of the inner ring on the shaft; Special requirements) Or cylindrical inner hole solid brass cage or PEEK cage radial clearance C1. The special design of high-speed cylindrical roller bearings N10..-HS series bearings can reach higher speeds, using steel rollers and PEEK cages, which can rotate 60% higher than ordinary cylindrical roller bearings. Hybrid Cylindrical Roller Bearings The rollers of hybrid cylindrical roller bearings are made of high-performance ceramics. Ceramic rollers greatly reduce the friction and wear inside the bearing, thereby reducing the requirements for lubricants and lower temperature rise. The design of the hybrid cylindrical roller bearing can achieve the maximum possible speed of the cylindrical roller bearing. Due to the small thermal expansion coefficient of the ceramic roller, the influence of the increase in preload caused by the temperature rise can be reduced. The operating life of the main shaft and the machine is significantly improved, which improves the economic performance of the entire system. In addition, ceramic rollers can improve static and dynamic rigidity. These all have a positive impact on the quality of machining. Cylindrical roller bearings with half the number of rollers are based on the H193 technical specification. Hybrid cylindrical roller bearings and high-speed cylindrical roller bearings are filled with only half the number of rollers of standard super-precision cylindrical roller bearings. The reduction in the number of rollers further improves the speed capability of the bearing, but the radial stiffness is reduced. These HCN..-H193 and N10..-HS-..-H193 series cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in high-speed spindles of machine tools. Due to the high surface quality of the raceways and rollers, cylindrical roller bearings are particularly suitable for grease lubrication. In the following chapters, you can find requirements for bearing peripheral components, bearing tolerances, clearances, and other recommendations. For oil-air lubrication, we also provide bearings in the form of direct lubrication (DLR).
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