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Wazhou and Bayi Iron and Steel jointly promote the localization of bearings

by:JNSN     2021-10-31
Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Company of Baosteel Group and Wazhou Group jointly promoted the bearing localization cooperation project in the past three years, all the bearings for Bayi Iron and Steel production have been localized.

Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Company formally joined Baosteel Group in 2007. Bayi Iron u0026 Steel has a complete production process flow from mineral processing, sintering, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking to steel rolling, with an annual steel production capacity of 8 million tons. Its products cover long products, plates and pipes, as well as metal products and other extended steel products. Bayi Steel signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wazhou in September 2011, and the agreement reached 1066 types of bearings. The cooperation agreement signed a total of 9 projects, of which 3 projects were applied to the blooming, cold rolling and plate production lines of Bayi Iron and Steel's rolling mills. After half a year of tracking, they were able to fully meet the requirements of the production line and all passed the trial. In the past, Bayi Steel used imported bearings with high prices and long supply periods. After adopting the products of Wazhou Group, not only the delivery cycle is shortened, but the price is only about 30% of the imported bearings, saving more than 30% of the cost of Bayi Iron and Steel every year.

In recent years, Wazhou Group has accelerated the research and development of high-reliability and long-life bearings in the steel industry. Wide and heavy plate rolling mill bearings, continuous caster sector bearings, H-beam rolling mill bearings, etc. The company has localized supporting facilities, and went abroad to provide supporting facilities for well-known international companies. At present, the supporting bearings for the steel industry produced by the company have been connected by dots into lines, and by lines into surfaces, covering the entire steel industry in an all-round way.

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