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Wazhou railway bearings passed IRIS certification and got a 'pass' to enter the international railway market

by:JNSN     2021-10-30
Recently, Washaft passed the Lloyd's Quality Certification Co., Ltd. railway bearing IRIS quality management system certification audit at one time, and obtained the certification. This is another major certification project after WaZhou has successively passed ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 and CRCC certifications. It has become the first company in China's bearing industry to pass IRIS certification and has obtained a 'passport' to enter the international railway market.

It is reported that the IRIS standard is a global general system for evaluating railway industry suppliers initiated by the European Railway Union to improve the efficiency and quality of the railway product supply chain. It is currently an internationally recognized railway industry management system standard. . In March last year, the company organized the introduction of IRIS quality management system standards into the design and manufacture of railway passenger, cargo, locomotive bearings and the repair process of railway bearings, and entered the trial operation stage in September. During the trial operation period, the company constantly revised the program documents and quality manuals according to the system trial operation situation, further improved the operation documents, issued the 'Railway IRIS System Trial Operation RequirementsThe personnel of related units have conducted IRIS standards, project management, RAMS and full life cycle cost LCC training and internal auditor training, and have achieved good results.

The acquisition of the IRIS certification certificate of Wazhou Railway Bearings indicates that the company's railway bearing quality management level has been significantly improved, and it has built a quality management platform that is in line with international standards, which has effectively improved the company’s competitiveness in the international high-end railway bearing product market. .

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