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What are the characteristics and advantages of the one-way bearing roller feeder

by:JNSN     2021-11-06
The roller feeder is a one-way bearing machine, usually used for conveying plates and long rails, assisting in manual advancement and conveying of materials, and has achieved the purpose of more safety and lightness. Now let us introduce the characteristics and advantages of the roller feeder.

  Roller feeder characteristics

  1, one-way bearing

   is embedded with super hard alloy and matched with the roller The bearing has wear resistance, safety, high precision and long life. The gear is heat-treated H600 and then precision ground, high transmission accuracy.

  2, roller

   uses a hollow type, light weight, small rotation inertia, and can be stopped immediately to ensure feeding accuracy. After heat treatment, HR600 is plated hard and then ground, with high hardness, large wear resistance and long life.

  3. Disc brake (general brake device)

   uses advanced clutch to make the two sides of the disc fully contact, long life, good stability and high precision.

Roller feeder

  4. Reverse device

  (1) The structure is the same as the one-way device, which can control the lower wheel quite accurately. Long-term use will not cause the next wheel to regress in the slightest, and the stability and accuracy are quite high.

  (2) The brake failure will not cause the lower wheel to reverse and the feed distance will be inaccurate due to the splashing of oil during punching.

  (3) It is not easy to produce high heat.

  (4) With cemented carbide and rollers, it is not easy to wear.

  (5) The action method is the circular motion of the rollers instead of the linear motion of 4 guide posts. Therefore, there will be no seizure.

  (6) The friction is small, the required transmission torque is relatively reduced, and the transmission mechanism is less likely to be damaged.

  (7) If equipped with reverse installation, the speed can be 30/m/min, generally 20m/min, which increases the efficiency by 50%.

  (8) Special structure, increase the service life.

  5. PU wheel: suitable for punching products with higher material surface and will not cause any indentation or scars on the material surface.

  6. The pull rod is a three-section type, with a large adjustment range, convenient adjustment, and will not interrupt the rocker arm after the material line height is adjusted.

Roller feeder

  7. Feeding distance fine-tuning device: (especially suitable for models above 1310NS).

The structure of    is the same as that of the eccentric disk. It is convenient to adjust the step distance. When the eccentric disk is not too far away from the target value, you only need to adjust the fine-tuning device to save time. If the machine has a reverse device, the general brake device is for auxiliary use, a dual killing system.

  Note: For each model, the general brake device is standard equipment.

  The advantages of the roller feeder

  1. Sustainability: multi-engineering continuous processing;

2. High speed: up to 600 times per minute;

   3. Versatility: Regardless of the width and thickness of the material, it can be used only by adjusting the feeder to match the mold;

4. Simple structure, economical and practical;

   5. Low failure rate and easy maintenance.

Roller feeder

   The above is a brief introduction about the characteristics and advantages of the roller feeder and the roller feeder. In fact, the roller feeder is in many places in our lives. All are used, of course, the roller feeder is also an indispensable part of the machinery and equipment, and we also have such a roller feeder.

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