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What color (size, type, specification) is available for custom bearings in Jnsn Bearing?
Custom bearings can be supplied in a variety of colors, sizes and specifications to the customers by HangZhou Jnsn Bearing Imp& Exp Co., Ltd. We understand there will be demands for various parameters, so we work hard to develop a product with the help of various manufacturing machines. There will be some photos shown on the official website for reference. If you do not expect the desired style, please contact us to learn more information about the product customization. We are a professional manufacturer to tackle any specification problems for you.
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Jnsn Bearing has accumulated enough experience and industry know-how. We are one of the major manufacturers and supplier of custom bearings. The Split Style Spherical Roller Bearing series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Jnsn Bearing custom bearings has a wide selection of high-quality materials. It has the advantage of color fastness to washing. Before production, the fibers will be pre-washed under clean water to check its fastness and re-washed under specific chemical liquid at a certain temperature.
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Jnsn Bearing Bearing will continue to enrich the product lines that consumers around the world would love.

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