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Wheelset Bearings of Rail Vehicle Travel Transmission Device (3)

by:JNSN     2021-12-20
Wheelset bearings with integrated generators If railway freight cars need to provide power for power monitoring equipment, wheelset bearings with integrated generators are the ideal solution. The magnet in the shaft end gland and the axle rotate together, while the coil integrated in the axle box end cover acts as a stator to remain stationary. The electric energy generated in this way is stored in the battery and can be used even when the train is stopped. Therefore, due to the sufficient and continuous power supply, a remote communication system with other functions such as wheelset bearing diagnosis and dangerous goods monitoring can quickly transmit information. There are currently two systems: 5-watt low-power type and 100-watt high-power type. If the user needs a special solution, it can be realized by changing the voltage, such as 6 V~24 V. The amount of work required to install the generator is very small: just replace the original shaft box end cover and shaft end gland of the UIC or Y25 shaft box with the parts equipped with the generator. Wheelset bearing with sensor system Engineers from Schaeffler Group Industrial Division have developed and optimized a wheelset bearing unit (including bearing, sensor and axle box) with an integrated sensor system. The sensor can reliably transmit information such as speed to the anti-skid device, braking system, tachometer and automatic door closing system. The measured continuous temperature value is used to monitor the condition of the bearing. Therefore, any problems can be detected at an early stage and adjusted according to a predetermined pattern. The sensor system can also continuously generate information on the direction of rotation for use in the newly developed rail transit management system (ERTMS/ETCS). Ordering example: F-809 915.TAROL 130/210 spherical roller bearings. When spherical roller bearings are used, the axle deformation can be compensated without additional force. Spherical roller bearings can be used as wheel bearings for freight cars, locomotives and other railway vehicles. Z-502472.06PRL 130 220 73 11.4 Z-536628.01.PRL 140 220 73 10.3 Axle box and saddle Schaeffler Group Industrial Division provides wheelset axle boxes and saddles made of ductile iron and light metal materials; it is also possible under special circumstances Use cast steel material. The axle box design is individually matched with the surrounding structure and optimized through BEM calculations. Ordering example: F-561860.ANM 130-T-AF: Schaeffler code 561860: Drawing number ANM: Axle box type 130: Axle journal T: Bearing type A: Quantity series Axle box split design because the axle box is split Split design, after dismantling the lower box body, the wheelset can be easily retracted from the bogie for maintenance. Another feature of the split axle box is the material used. Austempered ductile iron (ADI) has the advantages of high strength, good toughness and light weight. The use of this material makes it possible to manufacture compact and lightweight axle boxes. Wheelset axle box Z-176548.ASZ160-Z-*The main box body is a common part. The delivery form of the axle box Z-176548.ASZ160-Z-* depends on the different design of the end cover. It has been painted before leaving the factory and can be installed immediately by the user. The quality of the ductile cast iron axle box is fully controlled in accordance with EN1563 and additional parts inspection. In addition, the axle box body is calculated and optimized by modern structural analysis methods to meet the requirements of the application. The axle box bearing adopts double row cylindrical roller bearing F-801804.ZL with plastic steel cage and sealing cover.
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