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Bearing diameter micrometer and taper measuring instrument

by:JNSN     2021-12-14
The SNAP-GAUGE OD micrometer can directly measure the diameter of cylindrical shafts and various other workpieces on the machine tool, as well as calibrate the enveloping circle measuring instrument MGI 21, Figure 7. The actual size can be determined very accurately. The outside micrometer can be used as a comparison gauge. Each size has a corresponding standard ring gauge for calibration. Ordering example for the outer diameter micrometer with a journal of 120 mm, ordering code SNAP-GAUGE-100/150, please see the table. Ordering example for a standard ring gauge with a journal of 120 mm, ordering code SNAP-GAUGE.MASTER120 Taper measuring instrument MGK133 Taper measurement The meter MGK 133 is suitable for the outer cone surface 1:12 and 1:30, the diameter of the cone shaft is from 27 mm to 205 mm of the imported bearing, Figure 8. It consists of 4 hardened and polished support feet placed on the taper shaft. And rely on these supporting feet and a stop block to locate. The stop block can be placed on the front or back of the measuring instrument. The measuring instrument is equipped with two movable measuring frames, one of which is in contact with the outer diameter of the small end of the tapered shaft, separated by a fixed distance, and the other is in contact with the outer diameter of the large end of the tapered shaft. The dial indicator shows the deviation of the diameter of the cone shaft in the two measuring surfaces from the nominal value. Repeated measurement error is less than 1 m. The measuring instrument needs to be calibrated with a standard cone ring gauge (provided by negotiation). The order code is negotiated and ordered. Taper sleeve gauge KLR Taper sleeve gauge KLR is the easiest way to detect the mating surfaces of small bearings, Figure 9. The coloring method detects that the tapered sleeve gauge and the journal are not good for fitting. Continue machining the journal until the tapered sleeve is supported across the entire width. Since the inner ring of the bearing is easily damaged, it cannot be used as a set gauge. We provide taper gauges with diameters ranging from 30 mm to 240 mm. The ordering example is used for a tapered sleeve gauge with a bearing inner diameter of 100 mm, for example: double row cylindrical roller bearing NN3020-AS-K, ordering code KLR-NN3020
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