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Bearing grease life and replenishment interval and replenishment amount

by:JNSN     2021-12-20
The grease life of a grease-sealed ball bearing with a seated rolling bearing can be obtained by formula (4.7) on page 28. However, considering the specificity of the lubrication method and the safety of the seated bearing for the grease replenishment interval of the seated rolling bearing, it is recommended to use 1/4 to 1/3 of the grease life obtained by the aforementioned calculation formula. In addition, when used under severe environmental conditions such as dust and moisture, the interval between replenishing grease should be further shortened in consideration of its influence. When the operating conditions of the seated rolling bearing are unclear and general operating conditions, the grease replenishment interval in Table 14.4 is used as a rough standard. The seated rolling bearing is filled with high-quality grease and sealed with a high-performance oil seal. Therefore, the grease has a long life under normal operating conditions and can be used in a non-lubricating manner. However, when used in applications where the operating temperature is high and there is a lot of dust and water, early grease deterioration may occur, and poor lubrication may occur in a short period of time. The seated rolling bearing is an oil-supply type, so when it is used in applications where the grease is rapidly degraded, it is necessary to replenish the grease regularly. Seated rolling bearings can maintain a normal lubrication state by replenishing new grease, and can obtain a longer life. Grease replenishment amount: The initial grease filling amount of the seated rolling bearing is about 30-35% of the internal space volume of the bearing. If the amount of grease in the bearing is too much, the stirring resistance of the grease will increase, which may cause abnormal heat generation and grease leakage. The replenishment amount of grease should not exceed the initial filling amount. The recommended value of grease replenishment for seated rolling bearings is shown in Table 14.5. In addition, when used in low-speed rotation, in order to improve the dust-proof performance of the bearing, it is necessary to supplement the grease twice as much as in the table. Remarks) 1. The supplementary amount of UK type bearings is also used in this table. 2. The replenishment amount of the triple seal ring assembly is recommended to be 1.5 times the value in this table. 3. This table shows the value of standard grease (specific gravity 0.9g/ml). For greases with different specific gravities, use the value converted to the same volume. Grease replenishment interval for seated rolling bearings (recommended) Note 1) The grease replenishment interval indicated in () is for cold-resistant use (D2K2). Note) The grease replenishment interval in this table is 8 to 10 hours a day during operation. When the operating time is different, get it proportionally from this table.
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