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Bearing ultrasonic cleaning process and selection of ultrasonic cleaning agent

by:JNSN     2021-10-25
The cleanliness of the bearing is an assessment index of bearing quality, which must be guaranteed by the cleaning quality of the production process. The improvement of cleaning quality requires not only strict production management, but also the application of advanced cleaning technology to meet product cleaning requirements. At present, in the bearing industry, the main method of bearing cleaning is spray cleaning with gasoline or kerosene as the cleaning medium. This method not only has high cost, high labor intensity, low production efficiency, but also poor safety. More importantly, it is difficult for this cleaning method to meet the requirements of bearing cleanliness. Seeking a safer, more economical and more efficient cleaning method is of great significance to the cleaning of finished bearing products.

  The conventional cleaning methods of bearing parts include brushing, dipping, spray cleaning or high-pressure spray cleaning, etc. The related factors are mainly the performance and use requirements of the cleaning agent (ultrasonic cleaning can be used), the structure, size, and Weight and materials, batch size, labor safety and environmental protection requirements of cleaning workplaces, etc. As an excellent new process, ultrasonic cleaning has been paid more and more attention in the bearing industry.

The cleanliness of    rolling bearing has a great influence on its vibration, noise, abnormal sound and service life. Especially in the production of small low-noise deep groove ball bearings, improving cleanliness is one of the keys to solving bearing noise and abnormal noise, so the cleaning process is a very important part. Bearing cleaning is generally divided into two steps in the production process, namely, the cleaning of parts (ferrules, steel balls, retainers, etc.) before assembly and the cleaning of finished products after assembly and riveting.

   The three main factors that determine the cleaning effect: cleaning medium (cleaning agent), cleaning process and cleaning device.

  一. Ultrasonic cleaner

  Ultrasonic cleaner introduction: Ultrasonic cleaner has the function of thoroughly cleaning oil stains on various parts. The unique chemical action destroys the molecular structure of various lubricating greases, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly and thoroughly removing heavy grease.

The action mechanism of    ultrasonic cleaning: due to the strong shock wave generated when the cavitation bubble bursts, a part of the dirt layer is peeled off, dispersed, emulsified, and peeled off under the action of the shock wave. Because of the bubbles generated by the cavitation phenomenon, the gaps and voids between the dirt layer and the surface layer formed by the impact penetrate. Due to the simultaneous expansion and contraction of such small bubbles and sound pressure, the physical force like peeling repeatedly acts on the dirt layer, and the dirt Layer by layer is peeled off, and the bubbles continue to penetrate inward until the dirt layer is completely peeled off. This is the secondary effect of cavitation. The impact of ultrasonic vibration of cleaning fluid on dirt in ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasound accelerates the process of dissolving dirt by chemical cleaning agents, and the combination of chemical and physical forces accelerates the cleaning process.

How to use    

  1. Cleaning method: ultrasonic, etc.

  2. Cleaning method: generally 5-10% of the stock solution is mixed with water to open the tank and continue The dosage of the original solution is 1-3%, the use temperature is 25-60℃, the recommended temperature is 40-60℃, and the ultrasonic cleaning time is 1-30min. After cleaning, it can be cleaned with water and dried. The specific cleaning process should be based on the actual production situation, and the cleaning plan should be formulated by a professional technical engineer before it can be used.

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