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Bearings affect the performance of spindle components, strict testing is essential

by:JNSN     2021-10-27

The main component of the machine tool is the machine tool spindle assembly, which is also a combination of the spindle, bearings, transmission parts installed on the spindle and some fasteners. Whether it can work normally has a great impact on the quality and production efficiency of the processed parts, and the bearing is the part that has the greatest impact on the performance of the spindle assembly.

As we all know, the accuracy and quality of machine tool bearings are key factors that affect the performance of machine tool spindles. For how to define the accuracy grade of a precision bearing, ISO/ABEC (ABEC is the annular bearing engineering committee of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association) only defines the width tolerance, roundness, perpendicularity, taper, axial runout and radial of the inner and outer rings. beat. In order to enable the machine tool spindle to achieve the requirements of high precision, high speed, high stiffness, low vibration, and low heat generation, more parameters of the bearing itself need to be controlled.  

  Before leaving the factory, ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings have to undergo a 100% functional test. The ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings are tested and tested through digital vibration filter analysis to ensure the quality and application performance of the bearing. All test results are traceable.


  Cleanliness is very important for precision bearing products. XEZ ultra-precision bearing parts generally need to be cleaned with multi-level solvents for 3 hours to avoid mixing of impurities Bearings prevent inherent pollution sources. In addition, the non-working surface of the bearing must be ground to ensure that the bearing is free of impurities before leaving the factory. Therefore, the bearing products produced can increase the normal operating time of the machine tool.  

  Cage (Cage)  

   Cage is very important for machine tool bearings, and the performance of the cage will affect the stability of machine tool bearings under high-speed rotation. The standard cage produced is made of phenolic resin. The internal design and the tolerance of the pocket gap are tight and the guide surface is controlled to ensure the optimal stability of the cage during high-speed operation, lubrication and dynamic load.

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