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Bearings for high-speed wire rod finishing mills are approved

by:JNSN     2021-10-22
The bush is a high-speed wire rod finishing mill with four specifications instead of imported bearings. It has been installed and operated by customers for more than a year, and its products have reached the level of similar foreign products and have been recognized. At the beginning of the year, the customer handed over the development of four other high-speed wire rod finishing mill bearings to the bushing shaft. The samples have been successfully produced, and the limit speed and life tests are being carried out in the Engineering Center Inspection and Test Center.

   This customer specializes in the processing and manufacturing of high-speed wire rod rolling mills and metallurgical machinery and equipment, and its high-speed wire rolling mill equipment is exported to European and American markets. The high-speed wire rod finishing mill is generally composed of 10 equipments, each of which is composed of a cone box and a roller box. The four specifications of bearings provided by the company in the early stage are used in cone boxes, and the running-in test is qualified to meet customer requirements. There are eight specifications of this series of tapered box bearings. This time, the customer requested that ZWZ provide full box bearings for testing. After the tapered box bearing is successfully substituted for imported, the customer hopes that the main reducer, the main shaft bearing of the laying machine and the roller box bearing will be replaced by the domestically produced shaft.

  According to the engineer in charge of product development at the Wazhou Engineering Center, the bearings of the high-speed wire rod finishing mill are high-precision products, which are particularly difficult to process. The four specifications of products developed this time are processed by universal assembly technology, and the cage is made of special materials and special processes. The limit speed test is currently being carried out.

  The research and development of high-speed bearings has always been the “short board” of the domestic bearing industry. The company has broken through the core key technology of high-speed wire rod finishing mill bearings, and will break the situation of long-term dependence on imports for domestic high-speed wire rod finishing mill bearings.

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