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Bearings for turnouts and counterweights used in rail transit

by:JNSN     2021-12-14
In rail transit, the track plays a decisive role in the operation of railway vehicles. As a long-term investment, it can maintain years of carrying capacity and make long-term profits. The joint and rolling bearing models provided by the Schaeffler Group Industrial Division can meet the needs of railway tracks. The main threats faced by rail bearing rails are: repeated rolling of wheelsets, weather conditions (such as temperature, rain and snow, etc.), lubricant and dust pollution, mechanical stresses (such as the impact of stones) during operation, and damage on the rails. Maintenance work. The bearings provided by the Schaeffler Group have been reliably used in rail turnouts and counterweights for many years. ELGES joint bearings that require maintenance are especially suitable for working conditions with alternating vibration and shock loads. In the process of movement and force transmission, the bending stress of the structural unit is very small. Therefore, they are ideal for use in rail networks. Choosing maintenance-free radial joint bearings can reduce the corresponding workload. Due to the influence of the environment, it is necessary to increase the reliable seal. In the actuator of the switch, sometimes a very high axial force is generated due to manual operation or special circumstances. Compared with radial angular contact ball bearings, thrust angular contact ball bearings have higher axial load carrying capacity, and are more reliable and compact. The existing bearing types include: standard outer ring positioning bearings, bolt-mounted ready-to-install bearings. Full complement cylindrical roller bearings with snap ring grooves are mainly used as cable pulley bearings. It can be easily positioned by the stop ring. It is used for track balance weight, which is very advantageous. Based on effective sealing and Corrotect® coating anti-corrosion protection, these bearings exhibit the advantages of long life, low maintenance costs and high economic benefits.
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