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Bearings used in injection molding machines to support high-load drive screws

by:JNSN     2021-12-11
Hydraulic regulators have been widely used for high-load drive devices of equipment such as injection molding machines, but in recent years, the use of electric drive (ball screw drive) devices has been increasing year by year. The TAF series is a bearing specially used to support high-load driving screw, which is collected and organized by Qingdao Ruijing Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. TAF series screw support bearing model composition. Example model: 25TAF06DF/GM P5 25u003dInner diameter size (mm) TAFu003dBearing type code 06u003dThe value of the outer diameter size divided by 10 (there are exceptions) DFu003dAssembly code DB: Back-to-back assembly DF: Face-to-face assembly DT: Series assembly GMu003dpreload grade code/GM: medium preload (standard) P5u003daccuracy grade code P5: equivalent to JIS grade 5 (standard) Features Compared with the machine tool, it has to withstand higher loads, so large-diameter steel balls are used to increase the contact angle to achieve a high axial load capacity. ● The use of an integrally formed cage ensures high precision and strength, and can correspond to high-speed forward and reverse repeated rotation. The inner diameter of the contact angle bearing is less than 80mm is 5, and more than 100mm is 55°. Comparison of the basic axial dynamic load rating Comparison of the axial ultimate load The accuracy of the ball screw support bearing is compliant with JIS5. For details, please refer to page 11. The preload is based on the medium preload. Please refer to page 20. The cage is ball-oriented and the cage made of polyamide resin is the standard. Some dimensions use brass car-made cages.
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