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Braking system bearing of railway traveling transmission device

by:JNSN     2021-12-14
Light weight, small size, stable and reliable function are the requirements for modern railway vehicle braking systems. Needle roller bearings, sealed drawn cup needle roller bearings, thrust needle roller bearings, drawn cup needle roller clutches and support rollers have incomparable advantages for braking systems and can lead the development of new products. Schaeffler Industrial Division can provide various bearing selection solutions for brake calipers, wedge brakes, brake tie rod adjusters, wear compensation systems or brake compressors. In the above cases, standard sample bearings or special bearings integrated with other functions are often used. As they are closely related to safety, these braking devices and bearings must be able to work normally under extreme climatic conditions. Needle roller bearings are composed of machined outer rings, needle rollers and cage components. If necessary, needle roller bearings can be combined with a separate inner ring. The low radial section height enables a compact design. It can be replenished with grease through the outer ring, and it can also be equipped with a seal as required. It has a very high radial load carrying capacity. Open and sealed drawn cup needle roller bearings are composed of thin-walled outer rings, needle rollers and cage components, and can also be equipped with seals according to requirements. Compared with needle roller bearings, this type of bearing can have a smaller radial section height. Sealed drawn cup needle roller bearings have a closed end to prevent the intrusion of moisture and dirt. Modern brake devices have automatic compensation for brake pad wear. This device contains a drawn cup needle roller clutch for wear compensation. Bolt type rollers, support type rollers, and ball bearing type rollers are used in wedge brakes and are positioned by inner rings or bolts. The optimized outer ring contour can effectively reduce the contact pressure. The suffix indicates that the ZW double-row PP has plastic flat washers and molded sealing lips on both sides of the supporting roller to form a three-level seal. RR corrosion-resistant design, with Corrotect® coating RS one side contact seal 2RS with protective lip seals on both sides of the support type roller 2RSR support type roller with radial contact lip seals on both sides if required, others can be provided design.
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