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Briefly introduce the installation of four-row tapered roller bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-11

  Four-row tapered roller bearing installation (installation of roller bearings):

  One, four-row tapered roller bearing inner ring and roll neck are generally matched with a gap. Load the bearing into the bearing box, and then install the bearing box into the journal.

The outer ring of the two- and four-row tapered roller bearing also adopts dynamic fit with the bearing box hole. First, install the outer ring A into the bearing box. The words {HotTag} are printed on the outer ring, inner ring, and inner and outer spacers when leaving the factory, and must be installed in the bearing box in the order of the characters and symbols during installation. Can not be interchanged arbitrarily to prevent the change of bearing clearance.

   3. After all the parts are installed in the bearing box, the inner ring and the inner spacer ring, and the outer ring and the outer spacer ring are axially abutted.

   Fourth, measure the width of the gap between the end face of the outer ring and the bearing box cover to determine the thickness of the corresponding gasket.

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