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Description of various parameters of single row tapered roller bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-29
Characteristics of single row tapered roller bearings Tapered roller bearings consist of solid inner and outer rings with tapered raceways and tapered roller components with stamped steel cages. The bearing is separable. Therefore, the inner ring and outer ring with the roller and cage assembly can be installed separately. In addition to the bearings of standard sizes and standard labels, there are special metric and inch bearings. The non-standard labels of these bearings are Z-5 or F-8. In the new design, please prefer metric tapered roller bearings. Radial and axial load carrying capacity Tapered roller bearings can withstand unidirectional axial loads and high radial loads. Usually two tapered roller bearings are paired in a symmetrical arrangement. The axial load carrying capacity of the contact angle depends on the contact angle; that is, the greater the contact angle, the greater the axial load that the bearing can withstand. The coefficient e in the size table indicates the contact angle and load-carrying capacity of the bearing. Angle misalignment compensation The improved contact line between the tapered roller and the inner and outer ring raceways optimizes the stress distribution at the contact point, prevents edge stress and allows bearing misalignment compensation. When the load ratio is P/Cr 0.2, the relative inclination angle of the inner and outer rings of the bearing cannot exceed 4 minutes. If you need to withstand greater loads or greater inclination angles, please contact Qingdao Ruijing Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Tapered roller bearings of sealed standard design are non-sealed. Lubricated bearings can be lubricated with oil or grease. Operating temperature The applicable operating temperature range of single row tapered roller bearings is 30 °C to +120 °C. If the continuous working temperature is +120 °C, please contact us Qingdao Ruijing Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. The outer diameter is greater than 240 mm and the dimensionally stable temperature is +200 °C. Single-row tapered roller bearing cage Single-row tapered roller bearing adopts stamped steel plate cage. Because the cage has a certain amount of protrusion, the installation dimensions and the amount of cage protrusion in the dimension table must be paid attention to on page 111. Suffixes for the suffixes of existing designs, please refer to the table. Existing design design and safety guidelines Equivalent dynamic load Equivalent dynamic load P is suitable for bearing radial and axial loads. It is consistent with the calculated life of the bearing under compound load in the actual process. Bearings under dynamic load use the following formula: Single row bearing under dynamic load Fa kN Bearing axial dynamic load Fr kN Bearing radial dynamic load e, Y factor, please refer to the dimension table P kN Equivalent dynamic load under compound load. The suffix indicates design A. Improved internal design standard X. External dimensions comply with international standard P5. Higher precision. Special design load is higher than bearing equivalent dynamic load P u003d FrP u003d 0.4 · Fr + Y · Fa Equivalent static load Equivalent static load P0 Suitable for radial bearing And axial load. The stress caused at the center point of the area with the greatest force between the rolling element and the raceway contact surface is equal to the stress caused by the actual load composition. For a single bearing under static load, use: single bearing under static load F0a kN bearing axial static load F0r kN bearing radial static load Y0 parameter, please refer to the dimension table P0 kN bearing equivalent static load under combined load. In order to ensure that the bearing does not slip during operation, the minimum load bears at least one minimum radial load Fr min in the radial direction. This is particularly important for high-speed, high-acceleration conditions. Under continuous operating conditions, the minimum radial load of roller bearings with cages must meet P/Cr 0.02. It is the bearing itself that affects the limit speed of the bearing. The limit speed nG cannot be exceeded, please refer to the dimension table. Bearing matching design Only the surrounding structure design is reasonable, the bearing can give full play to its performance. Shaft and housing tolerances For cylindrical bore bearings, see the table on page 37 for recommended shaft tolerances. Refer to the table on page 38 for recommended housing tolerances for radial bearings. The maximum value of the chamfering radius ra and rb of adjacent parts and the shoulder diameter of the adjacent structure are given in the installation dimension table. The convex cage of the cage slightly protrudes to the side. In order to prevent the cage from scratching, the minimum lateral dimensions Ca and Cb in the dimension table must be considered in the design of the adjacent structure.
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