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Design and Safety Guidelines for Thrust Ball Bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-16
Thrust ball bearing design and safety guide Thrust ball bearing can only bear axial load. For the complete bearing arrangement calculation, the engineering service department of Qingdao Ruijing Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. should be consulted. Equivalent dynamic load of the bearing For the bearing bearing the dynamic load, the following formula is adopted: P kN equivalent dynamic load of the bearing and Fa kN axial dynamic load of the bearing. Equivalent static load of bearing For bearings that bear static load, the following formula is adopted: P0 kN equivalent static load of bearing F0a kN axial static load of bearing. When running at high speed with minimum axial load, due to centrifugal force and gyro torque, harmful slipping motion will occur between the rolling elements and raceways. In order to avoid skidding, SLF bearings must bear a minimum load Fa min. The minimum load factor A is given in the dimension table. For nmax, the maximum operating speed must be used. Fa min kN minimum axial load A minimum load factor, please refer to the dimension table nmax min1 maximum operating speed. Speed u200bu200bISO 15312 does not give a thermal reference speed for thrust ball bearings. The limit speed of oil lubrication is given in the dimension table. Bearing arrangement design In order to give full play to the performance of the bearing, the adjacent structure must have an appropriate design. Tolerance of shaft and bearing seat For one-way thrust bearings, the shaft tolerance should be j6. The tolerance of the positioning hole depends on the required running accuracy. For normal running accuracy, tolerance zone E8 should be selected; for high running accuracy, tolerance zone H6 should be selected. Customized solutions can be realized through agreements. The shoulders of the adjacent structures of adjacent components must be high enough to effectively support more than half of the height of the shaft ring and seat ring of the KBC bearing. The purpose of this is to achieve the centering of the main shaft and the bearing seat. The adjacent shoulders must be rigid, flat, and perpendicular to the axis of rotation. For the maximum radius ra and mating surface diameters da, Da, please refer to the dimension table. Accuracy dimensions and geometric tolerances The main dimensions of one-way thrust bearings conform to ISO 104 or DIN 711, please refer to the dimension table.
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